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The Schack Collection (Sammlung Schack), until 2009 known as the Schack Gallery (Schack-Galerie) is an art museum (art gallery) in Munich.

Collection of Shaka has been created from the art collection of versatile literary writer, the art collector and sponsor of count Adolf Friedrich von Shaka (1815-1894 gg.).

Count Shaq bequeathed his collection to the German Emperor after his death. The composition of the collection remained unchanged since the death of Shaka, and to this day.

The first building of the gallery was built by a German architect and artist Eduard Gerhardt on the estate of count, on the street Brienner straße (Brienner Straße) and subsequently rebuilt several times. Since 1866 the gallery was opened to interested visitors.

In 1909, the gallery moved to a new larger building on the street Prinzregentenstrasse (Prinzregentenstraße). The building was designed by German architect max Littman. In relief of the facade of the building in the front is placed two eagles and a coat of arms designed and made by the sculptor Julius Seidler in 1908.

Collection of Shaka included in the Bavarian state collection of paintings.

Today the collection Shaka is one of the most important collection of paintings German painting of the 19th century in Bavaria.

In the gallery presents about 180 paintings by famous German artists, including the works of Arnold Bocklin, Moritz von Schwind, Franz von Lenbach, Hans von Mares and Anselm Feuerbach.

With a few exceptions, collection of Shaka consists of landscape and historical paintings, as well as from legends and myths of the German middle ages. Scenery visually cover countries of the Mediterranean: Italy, Greece and Spain, which count Shaka was well known due to its travel.

In addition to the works of German artists Shaq collected the copies of the masterpieces of the 16th and 17th centuries, primarily from the Venetian painters, from Giorgione and Titian to Tintoretto and Veronese.

Thus, the Collection of Shaq is not only an important document of collecting works of art in Germany, but also a Museum of late romanticism, which gives visitors an idea about the aspirations and dreams, and picturesque world of that era, which was formed due to, including, travel, literature, myths and ideals.

Moritz von Schwind, the "Morning hour", 1858

Arnold Pietro.., "Villa by the sea II", 1865

Franz von Lenbach, "Hirtenknabe" (shepherd), 1860

Are still Carl Spitzweg, "the Hypochondriac", circa 1865

Anselm Feuerbach, "Paolo and Francesca", 1864

Practical information

Collection of Shaka located in the heart of Munich, one of the four Royal avenues of the city (urban boulevards), at the address: Prinzregentenstraße, 9.

Cost of ticket: full 4 euros, reduced 3 Euro, children under 18 years stay free of charge. On Sundays, the ticket price is 1 Euro.

There is a combined day ticket: collection Shaka + gallery + Museum Brandhorstlocated in the so-called Area of art in Munich (Museum quarter), in the district of Maxvorstadt.

The exact cost of tickets and opening hours of collection, and conditions recommend you to check before visiting on the official website.

Site collection Shaka: sammlung-schack.

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