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Rope Park +1460 in Krasnaya Polyana resort (Gorki Gorod)

Rope Park is a family amusement and adventure park with a rope park located in the resort of Krasnaya Polyana (formerly Gorki Gorod) near the station "+1460 meters", at an altitude of 1460 meters above sea level.

The rope park is open to guests during the summer season.

The park is located in an open-air forest area.

The park has favorable conditions for children and adults to relax. Here you can take a walk, relax, have a snack in nearby cafes, and, of course, have fun and spend time usefully overcoming various rope routes.

This is a whole rope town with routes of various difficulty levels and observation platforms fixed on trees at a height of 1 to 10 meters.

The park's routes are located on the territory of two picturesque sites - the southern one (with routes for the whole family) and the northern one (with more complex route options).

Each of the rope routes has a suspended obstacle course corresponding to a certain level of difficulty. Climbing structures are fixed on trees or special supports.

Most of the routes can be completed without special training, they are suitable for children from 7 years old and 110 centimeters tall.

There are experienced instructors in the park who teach guests to use special equipment that provides insurance for the duration of passing all sections of the route.

Routes in the rope adventure park:

- the "Children's"route (South playground) - belongs to the category "light" and is great for children with a height of 110 centimeters. Route height: 1-3 meters; number of obstacles-10;

- the route "Family" (South platform) - is located at an altitude of 3 meters and belongs to the category of "medium" difficulty. The "family" route includes 8 obstacles that are designed for adults and children from 12 years old to pass. The minimum height of visitors should be 140 centimeters;

- the route "Mountain panorama" (Northern platform) - is located at altitudes of 6-10 meters and belongs to the category "easy", includes 14 obstacles. The minimum height of visitors should be 140 centimeters;

- the route "Sky bike" (Northern platform) - is located at an altitude of 6 meters and belongs to the category of "medium" difficulty, includes 10 obstacles. The minimum height of visitors should be 140 centimeters.

All routes are covered by participants with insurance and wearing a helmet.

Practical information

It is best to visit the rope adventure park in clear weather and always in closed sports shoes.

You can buy tickets for the passage of routes on the spot - at the ticket office of the rope park at an altitude of 1460 meters, where you can choose various tickets: from the passage of one or two routes, to an unlimited number. Or you can immediately buy walking tickets for the cable cars of the Krasnaya Polyana resort up to a height of 1460 meters, which include the passage of the routes of the rope adventure park.

A visit to the height of 1460 meters is included in the price of all walking tickets valid until Polyana 2200.

In addition to passing rope routes, guests can walk along ecotropes of different levels of complexity from the park: "Relict Forest"," Aibginsky spring "and"Panorama". Learn more about the eco-trails of the Krasnaya Polyana resort…

We recommend that you check all the necessary information about the Krasnaya Polyana mountain resort, including the rope park, routes and cost; variations and cost of walking tickets; conditions for buying and using tickets on the official website of the resort.

Website of the mountain resort Krasnaya Polyana: krasnayapolyanaresort.

In Krasnaya Polyana (Esto-Sadka) there is another amusement park with rope routes - this is the Yeti Park, located in the mountain resort of Rosa Khutor, at an altitude of 1350 meters above sea level. Learn more about Bigfoot Park…

How to get to the rope park

From the lower station of the cable cars of the Krasnaya Polyana resort, located in Polyana 540 (Esto-Sadke), you can climb to the rope park on the Krasnaya Polyana gondola cable car (K-1) to the mark "Polyana 960" and then transfer and climb on another gondola cable car "Relict Forest" (K-2) - directly to the height of +1460 meters to the rope park.

You can reach Glade 960 by car, and then climb on foot along mountain trails or by K-2 cable car.

Polyana 540 can be reached by public transport (buses, electric trains Lastochka) or by car.

How to get to the Krasnaya Polyana resort

The nearest airport to the resort of Krasnaya Polyana and, accordingly, to all the ski resorts of Esto-Sadka (Krasnaya Polyana) is located in the city of Sochi (Adler), 43 kilometers from Estosadka. Flights to Sochi (Adler) →

The fastest and most convenient way to get from Sochi airport to the resort of Krasnaya Polyana (Esto-Sadok) is by taxi. You can order a taxi / transfer in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, a driver will be waiting for you with a sign where your first and last name will be written. To order a taxi is enough to inform your flight details.

If you arrive by car, you can leave it near the lower station of the cable cars of the Krasnaya Polyana resort (Polyana 540). There are also parking spaces on the territory of Polyana 960 (parking is paid).

More information about how to get to all the ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana (Esto-Sadok), including the mountain resort of Krasnaya Polyana, can be found here →

All possible year-round accommodation facilities (hotels, apartments, chalets) in the Krasnaya Polyana resort are located in two places: on the lower level - "Polyana 540" and on the second level of the resort - "Polyana 960".

All accommodation facilities in Esto-Sadok, including at the Krasnaya Polyana resort (Polyana 540 and Polyana 960), can be viewed and booked here booking

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