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Pyshechnaya on Konyushennaya in St. Petersburg - the oldest and famous pyshechnaya in the city (pyshechnaya «Zhelyabova 25»)

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One of the most famous delicacies in St. Petersburg are crumpets.

Yes, the people of St. Petersburg will forgive me, but for a better understanding I will say this: "Donuts are like donuts, only big donuts (but they are not donuts)."

There are enough places where you can try crumpets in the city, the most famous, and already legendary of which is the crumpet onBolshaya Konyushennaya Street (pyshechnaya "Zhelyabova 25").

This institution is the oldest and most famous pyshechnaya in St. Petersburg.

They say that the pyshechnaya "Zhelyabova 25" is included in the Red Book of Memorable places of St. Petersburg, it is forbidden to change the profile and over the past 50 years, neither the assortment nor the recipes for cooking the main two products have changed in pyshechnaya: coffee and crumpets.

The interior of the pyshechnaya is made in the spirit of the Soviet era; it has two small halls with tables.

On the menu: crumpets with powdered sugar (20 rubles apiece), coffee with milk (45 rubles) and other soft drinks.

The Pyshechnaya "Zhelyabova 25" is so popular that Kirill Kretser even dedicated a song to it:

And in pyshechnaya on Nevsky
More precisely, on the Stable.
Everything is the same invariably,
Like many years ago.

It's not very cozy,
It's not very pretty,
Under the nose with a dirty rag
They try to drive through.

Simple dishes
Who knows how it is washed,
And the saleswomen's frowns,
And everything seems to be wrong.

But there are crumpets there,
The most excellent crumpets,
The most beautiful crumpets,
And this is not a trifle!

Oh, the smell of fresh crumpets!
Oh, the sight of her is wonderful!
When, covered with powder,
It's on a platter...

Can you imagine the fragrance
And her side is ruddy...
And then it will wake up in you
Terrible appetite!

And these are the crumpets,
Delicious and juicy,
All to the pyshechnaya claim
At the moment, they will be nullified.

After all, the main thing is that crumpets,
Believe me, they are incomparable
And better than crumpets in the city
Certainly just not.

Walking along the Stable,
You will see it by chance
On the high chair granny,
That he will invite you to come in.

You are not in a hurry to pass by,
Try it - you will like it.
And you will want to come here
Come a hundred more times.

Pyshechnaya is located in a historical building erected in 1770-1773 by the architect Yu.M. Felten. It was a stone French-German Reformed church of St. Paul.

In 1839-1840, the building was rebuilt and expanded by the architect A. Bosse. In the second half of the 19th century, the church became only French.

In 1858, the exterior of the building was changed according to the project of the architect Yu.O. Dyutel: the facade was decorated in the Renaissance style.

Today, the building is a monument of history and culture of Federal significance, protected by the state.

Practical information

Pyshechnaya "Zhelyabova 25" is located in the center of the city of St. Petersburg, nearNevsky Prospekt, at the address: Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street, 25.

The nearest metrostations are Admiralteiskaya, Gostiny Dvor and Nevsky Prospekt.

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