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Port of Limassol - Limassol Marina, the old port, the cruise port and the marina of San Rafael

Limassol is not only the second largest city of Cyprus, but also the sea life centre of the island. It is in Limassol is the largest port area of Cyprus.

Port of Limassol are presented in four separate zones:

- old port Limassol;

- Limassol Marina;

- cruise and industrial port Limassol;

- Marina San Rafael.

The first three ports are located within the city of Limassol, the whereas Marina San Rafael is located 12 kilometers East along the coast from the historic centre of Limassol, in the Amathus district (Pareklisia).

Old port Limassol

The Old Port of Limassol (Limassol Old Port) is a small port that is part of the historical city centre and situated between the promenade of Molos and Limassol Marina.

Once the old port was the main port of Limassol, its original foundations were laid during the British occupation of the island in the late 19th century.

However, over time the city expanded, transformed, improved and today the port is mostly used as a leisure berthing fishing vessels and a shelter for the coast guard.

In the port area there is a small pier used for mooring small fishing and tourist pleasure vessel.

Mini-cruises by boat - 30 Euros per person. Cruise along the coast from the old port to the end of the Eastern part of the district of Limassol is 50 Euros per person. Private cruises, parties and fishing from 500 Euros.

Along the waterfront from morning till evening full of life, there are cafes and restaurants, there is a small square and several monuments.

Limassol Marina

Limassol Marina or the harbour Limassol is bordered by the old port Limassol.

Together both ports create one of the most visited and popular places in the city for walks and recreation among locals and visitors alike.

Limassol Marina is a modern complex, which includes:

- living area features a number of exclusive luxurious villas with private berths or direct access to the beach the Marina beach, the apartments and duplexes;

- a Harbor for yachts, including luxury and convenience;

- the public part, which includes: walking area for leisure with a small Central square and a fountain, a Spa and fitness club, cafés and restaurants, boutiques and beach Limassol Marina. Read more about Marina beach of Limassol...

Currently, the Limassol Marina is considered to be conditionally yacht hotel-resort designed for the residents and guests of villas and apartments. However, the entrance to the beach and part of the complex public, with the exception of the surrounding areas themselves villas and residences as well as marinas.

Cruise and industrial port, Limassol

The Limassol New Port. This port is the main port of Cyprus. It is located in the South-Western end of Limassol, at a distance of about 5 kilometres from the Limassol Marina.

In the South of the port is bordered by a five-kilometer beach of Lady's Mile, located outside the city of Limassol.

The port is the largest and most bustling Harbor on the island, able to accept large cruise and commercial vessels.

Currently, a new port is used as cruise and cargo ports.

Cruise port serves up to 80% - 90% of passenger traffic in Cyprus, including cruise ships and ferry connections with Greece, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, etc. the Rest of the traffic handled by the port of Larnaca.

To reach port 30 bus linking the shopping center MY MALL Limassol with an area of Pyrgos. The bus passes the New port, Old port, Limassol Marina, followed by travel along the coast, passing the district of Amathus - Marina San Rafael and surrounding areas of the coast. This bus line is one of the most convenient and popular routes among tourists in Limassol. The fare is € 1.50. A day ticket is 5 Euro.

Some cruise lines offer their customers a free Shuttle to the center of Limassol.

Cargo port receives and sends a large part of the cargo of the island.

Marina San Rafael, Limassol

Marina San Rafael (St. Raphael Marina) is a small Marina located between the beach areas of Limassol district. Close to Marina - cafes and restaurants.

Marina San Rafael is the official port of entry to Cyprus. Designed the Marina, in total, 237 berths (beds), accommodating yachts up to 30 metres and draft up to 4 meters. Marinas for yachts are equipped with all facilities including connected fresh water, electricity, TV and wifi (payable locally).

To get to Marina San Rafael from the centre of Limassol city is possible by buses №№30, 33, 80, 95 and 95A.

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