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Naples Municipality Square (Piazza Municipio)

The Municipal square or Piazza Municipio, also known as the town hall square (Piazza Municipio), formerly Largo del Castillo, is one of the Central and largest squares in Naples.

Due to the proximity of the main tourist routes (New castle, cruise port, historical center) the area of the Municipality is also one of the most important squares in the city.

The area has an irregular rectangular shape, is surrounded by interesting historical buildings, stretches from the city hall (Saint Giacomo Palace), from which it got its name, the Maritime station (Stazione Marittima).

One of the impressive sights in the town hall square and the undoubted attraction stands the monumental fountain of Neptune (Fountain of Neptune).

The fountain was built between 1600 and 1601 the years, Giovanni Domenico D Auria by the Swiss architect Domenico Fontana.

Fountain to the end of 2014 is located on the street of Medina, near the Church of Santa Maria Incoronata. But was moved to its present location due to the construction of a new metro station. During its history, the fountain has repeatedly changed its location. Originally the fountain stood near the Arsenal in port. In 1629 he was transported to Largo di Palazzo (now the Piazza Plebiscito), but because he prevented the holding of festivals, the fountain was again moved to Borgo Santa Lucia, near the castle Castel Dell'ovo. There, in the structure of the fountain was added to the statue.

In 1638, the fountain was again moved, this time to Largo delle Corregge, today via Medina. During the revolt of Masaniello in 1647, the statue of the fountain was damaged. Further damage occurred during the sack of Naples in 1672 by the Viceroy Pedro Antonio de aragón. In 1675, was carried out restoration work, and the fountain was moved to the Molo Grande.

Later, this migratory fountain continued to move through Naples in 1886, he was removed, to reappear two years later in Piazza della Borsa (now Piazza Giovanni Bovio), where he stayed until 2000 when he returned to the street of Medina, so as not to interfere the construction works of the metro stations.

Neptune's fountain is circular in form and three levels of basins (bowls), surrounded by a balustrade. The water in the bottom of the bowl flows of the four lion figures holding shields with the symbols of the Medina and the Carafa. Two sea monsters pour out the water in the Central basin (bowl), decorated with dolphins and tritons that also pour out the water (figures were done by Pietro Bernini). The Central and highest of the bowl, on which is a statue of Neptune with a Trident, supported by four sculptures: two nymphs and two satyrs (this part of the fountain was created Naccherino).

The perimeter of the area of the Municipality located buildings such as the Palace of the Bank of Italy, the Palace of the Grand Hotel de Londres (currently the headquarters of the TAR), the Palace of the old mail couriers, the Mercadante theatre, the Palace of the Banco di Roma, etc.

On the West side of the square is one of the main attractions of Naples, the New castle (Maschio Angioino / Castel Nuovo), built by king Charles of Anjou.

On the area of the Municipality, near the Castel Nuovo, archaeological excavations to see what was the ancient port of Neapolis and its surroundings. Finds dated from the Roman times to the remains of buildings of the nineteenth century.

In front of the entrance to the New castle, and close to Piazza Municipio, is the bust of 1920 with the image of Giuseppe Mazzini (Monumento a Giuseppe Mazzini).

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