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Phuket, Thailand! On your own in Phuket: flights, hotels (personal experience)

Phuket is currently one of the most popular winter destinations among tourists. And it's no wonder Thailand is so popular, during the cold gray months, when the home is below freezing or rains, Phuket opens its arms to the sun, warm sea, wide sandy beaches, abundance of greenery and ripe juicy fruit, fresh seafood and a large selection of accommodation with a friendly smiling hosts.

Tourists are increasingly choosing to relax in Phuket (and in Thailand in General) are not package tours and prefer to travel independently. If you are one of them and is considering a self catering holiday in Phuket, you will need to know a few things. Generally in independent holiday in Phuket there is nothing difficult. Phuket is quite safe island for tourists.

Phuket, Thailand

Getting to Phuket

First of all, you need to get to Phuket. The fastest and most comfortable way to do this is to travel. The island is flown as direct planes, and with transfers in Bangkok or third countries (Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities).

When purchasing tickets we advise to pay attention not only on price but also on the connecting time, got the tickets, during a transfer which will need to spend in the airport of a third country 17 and twenty hours longer, which is not very convenient. You must also pay attention to the time of departure and arrival, as long as the time suited you, ideally, if you arrive on Phuket in the first half of the day will be very convenient when checking into the hotel or apartment.

You can fly to Bangkok, if you want to spend in Bangkok a few days getting acquainted with the Thai capital, and after to travel directly to Phuket. There is an option to ride the bus or buy a plane ticket on the route Bangkok - Phuket.

The choice of airline tickets now provides many sites through which it is easy to find and pay for tickets. We often use Aviasales service. By the way, it was on this site that we searched and bought air tickets to Phuket. At 11 in the morning we were at Phuket Airport. In an hour we got from the airport to “our beach” and just at the time of checking into the hotel we were at the reception. And at 16:00 the same day, swimming in the sea and eating fruit. Round-trip flights for two through Bangkok cost us $ 800. It was possible to buy tickets at a better price, but, again, the arrival time to Phuket or the duration of the connections, as well as the arrival time from Phuket did not suit us.

Better to buy tickets in advance, ideally for 8-6 months before the trip. So the airfare will be lower, and the choice of airline much more.

A big plus for independent rest in Thailand (particularly Phuket) lies in the fact that there is a huge selection of different tickets ranging from direct and more expensive flights, ending with different connections at affordable prices.

Accommodation in Phuket

Phuket - it's basically a beach holiday. That's why before booking a hotel, you need to determine so which beach you want to relax. In terms of beach holiday, Phuket offers a huge selection of all kinds of beaches. There are beaches more tourist developed, where, in addition to the sea and the beach will be a busy night life, plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars (such as beaches, Patong, Karon or Kata), and there is a more relaxed and less touristic places where you will be able to enjoy a more quiet and secluded stay (Nai Harn, Kata Noi). There are beaches with an abundance of all kinds of housing and those where hotels are not so much. There are very small beaches and coves (Yanuy, Kata Noi), and there is a long (Bang Tao, Karon). When choosing a beach all very individual and the choice to do better based only on personal preferences, not someone else's recommendations.

Having defined the beach needs to proceed to the choice of accommodation facilities, it can be a hotel, apartment, holiday home, Villa and so on. There are hotels on the first line, they tend to be more expensive and there are located a little further from the beach, stay in which for quite reasonable money. Do you want to go to the beach or out and there you have sea - only you can decide, based on personal preferences and budget.

Even if you decide to seek shelter in the place the first couple of days, it is recommended to book accommodation in advance. So, on arrival, will be where to throw things, where to sleep, take a shower, and time to look around and Orient yourself.

All accommodation facilities in Phuket, you can view and book here.

Phuket beaches, Thailand


From Phuket airport to the hotel

Phuket airport is small, has two terminals - both local and international. Between the two terminals a free Shuttle.

At the border, when passing control, get the passport stamp. For this you need to fill in a migration card of the tourist, which has two parts - arrival and departure. To fill out the card on the plane or in the airport before passing through passport control. Card free. Part of the map, you'll take on control, and the second return, it will need to pass on the way back when departing.

Tourist map, Thailand

The local currency is the Thai baht (THB). All calculations are made in baht.

Thai Currency - Thai Baht

Currency can be exchanged at the Phuket airport, but at our visit, the exchange rate at the airport was less profitable than in exchange offices near the beaches. The exchange fees will not be charged.

At the airport you can exchange a small amount you will need in order to get to the hotel, and the place to exchange larger amounts.

The exchange accepts us dollars, euros, etc. Which currency to carry with them, to solve to you personally, ideally based on rates, which, as we all know, can change several times a day.

From personal experience dollars cheaper. When you exchange dollars on the beaches, the favorable exchange rate of the banknotes in denominations of 50 and 100 dollars.

The photo below, just for reference. Focus on courses should not be, as they change frequently.

Phuket Currency Exchange Rate

Exchangers in Phuket

To get from the airport to the most popular beaches - Patong, Kata and Karon beaches by bus/minibase. The fare to Patong 180 baht to Karon and Kata - 200 baht. The minibus will take you straight to the hotel. A ticket on a minibus it is better to buy at the airport on the racks. Tickets are sold on the street, but there are usually queues. The price is the same.

Phuket Airport Bus - Beaches

After buying the ticket in the airport building, turn left, exit the building and we are facing a minibus, sit down and go to the hotel.

Phuket Airport Buses to the Beaches

The beaches of the island can be reached by public buses with transfers. The airport bus will take you to the island's capital, Phuket town. And then to the beaches of buses (songteo):

- Phuket town - Patong beach. The fare is 30 baht.

Phuket town to Karon beach, Kata beach. The fare is 40 baht. From Kata beach you can walk to Kata Noi beach, a distance of approximately 1 km.

- Phuket town - Rawai beach - Nai Harn beach. The fare is 30 - 40 baht. On the bus to Nai Harn beach, and there is a short walk to AO Sein. From Rawai beach, about 1.5 kilometers to the beach Yanuy.

Phuket town Bang Tao beach - Surin beach - Kamala beach. The fare is 40 baht.

Buses from Phuket Town start at the streets of Ranong, go to 16:30 - 18:00 PM.

Buses to the beaches, the color blue. Such a small bus without doors and Windows with benches in the cabin. As such the stops of the buses no, except the final. To get on the bus, you need to stand by the road on the way trace the bus, seeing your route, wave and the driver will pick you up. To get off the bus you have to press a button in the bus, most of such are located on the ceiling.

Buses Phuket (songteo)

You can also rent a motorbike or car.

Well, that's easier to get from the airport to the hotel you can book a private transfer/taxi, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, you will meet your driver with a sign, which will be written your name and surname. For taxi is enough to tell us your flight details.

How to move to Phuket

The most developed tourist transport in Phuket is the bike. Rent a bike at many locations: near the beaches, the airport, the island's capital, etc. the Cost of renting daily, an average of 250-300 baht/day. Mortgage, ask the original passport or 3000 baht.

If this form of transport does not suit you, it is possible to rent a car, travel by taxi/tuk-tuk or on their own - on foot and by public transport.

Tuk-tuks - bright the little open cars, which are available in abundance to see in tourist areas. In Phuket the cost of the trip in the tuk-tuk is quite high, the prices hall, to bargain are reluctant.

Taxi (tuk-tuk) in Phuket

In the photo you can see the fare in a tuk-tuk from Kata beach

The fare in tuk tuk in Phuket

Although it is said that the Phuket hard to move on their own without a taxi or a rented bike, but we tried, nothing complicated in such movements there, all perfectly acceptable and safe. The details in the article "On public transport and on foot around Phuket".

Sightseeing and excursions Phuket

And what attractions to visit on the island, or take one of the excursions outside, pick and choose based on their preferences. On the streets near the beaches, in the tourist offices offer numerous trips around the island and beyond. For example, various viewpoints around the island, including the city's main attractions, elephant trekking, excursions to the Islands of Phi Phi, the Similan Islands, the island of James bond, a visit to Krabi or national Park Khao Lak.

When choosing excursions, bargain, price off readily and sometimes more than half.

In tourist offices you can also purchase transfers + ferry to nearby Islands or Krabi and spend a day with an arc.

Excursions in Phuket

Excursions also, you can look and book at a convenient time in advance:

Food in Phuket

That, and the food in Phuket and throughout Thailand, no problems. Food in Thailand is erected in a cult. Here on every corner, cafes, restaurants, street food, fruits, makashnits. There are shops and markets.

If you like Thai food, then you are doubly lucky, apart from a decent selection, and the price of local food is quite acceptable. Figure 60 baht noodles from 90.

In restaurants and cafes with European and Russian cuisine, price starts from 300 rubles per serving, for example, a bowl of soup costs 400 rubles, or so, depending on the restaurant. A small pizza on one or fresh fish from 200-250 baht.

Beach Cafes in Phuket

Fruit in Phuket

On your own to Phuket

Here, perhaps, and all simple wisdom that you need to know in preparation for independent travel to Phuket. As you can see, self-pleasure is no big deal, one only has to devote some time to the training and your stay will pass on the five plus.

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