Old Pinakothek, Munich (Alte Pinakothek) - art gallery

The Old Pinakothek (Alte Pinakothek) is an art museum, an art gallery in Munich, with a collection of paintings by masters from the Middle Ages to the mid-18th century.

In addition to the Old Pinakothek the town also has two galleries: the New Pinakothek (Neue Pinakothek) with paintings and sculptures of artists of the second half of the 18th - beginning of 20th century and the Pinakothek of modernity (Pinakothek der Moderne), which presents contemporary art, primarily 20th and 21st century. All three Pinakothek art museums are located within walking distance from each other.

The Alte Pinakothek is also called the Old art gallery, which is one of the most important art galleries in the world.

The construction of the building of the Pinakothek was begun on behalf of the king of Bavaria Ludwig I and built according to the plans of architect Leo von Klenze. The first Foundation stone was laid on 7 April 1826.

Innovative building Pinakothek was opened on 16 October 1836 and was then the largest Museum building in the world and acted as a model for other museums such as the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. At the time of Munich was not yet called "Old" because he was the only one in town. "Old," since it presents the work of the early period, "old" masters.

During the Second world war, the Alte Pinakothek was destroyed. Rebuilt from 1952 to 1957 under the direction of architect Hans Doellgast. In the subsequent reconstruction was carried out.

History collection of the Old Pinakothek originated from the personal collections of the Wittelsbach dynasty, including the Duke Wilhelm IV and the collection of Ludwig I.

Today the Alte Pinakothek shows European paintings from the 14th to the 18th century. In the walls of the gallery are only pictures.

More than 700 paintings from all over Europe are presented on two floors of the gallery - in 19 rooms and 47 offices.

The paintings in the Old Pinakothek separated into 6 collections:

- German art of the 14-17 centuries, which is one of the most extensive of its kind;

- Dutch painting in 15-18 centuries. Early Netherlandish painting is one of the most impressive collections in the world;

- Flemish painting of the 14-17 centuries. A special place among the collection is an oil painting by Peter Paul Rubens "Great last judgment", whose height exceeds six metres;

Italian paintings 13th-18th centuries. Italian Gothic paintings are the oldest in the gallery, among them is the famous "the last supper" by Giotto, and all schools of Italian Renaissance and Baroque paintings by famous artists, including Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Tiepolo, Francesco Guardi, etc.;

- French painting of the 17th and 18th centuries;

- Spanish painting of the 16th and 17th centuries. Although this section in the Museum is the smallest, but it presents all the major works of masters such as El Greco, de La Cruz, Velazquez, etc.

Many of the paintings in the Pinakothek are among the brightest in the history of art, for example, "self-Portrait in clothing, trimmed with fur" Albrecht dürer, "Portrait of youth" by Rembrandt, "Alexander's battle" by Altdorfer Albrecht.

Albrecht dürer, self-Portrait, 1500

Giotto di Bondone, "Christ on the cross between Mary and John", circa 1300

Lorenzo Lotto, "the Mystic marriage of St. Catherine", 1506-1508 years

Francois Boucher's "Reclining girl (Marie-Louise O Murphy, 1737-1814 he mistress of king Louis XV)

When visiting the Alte Pinakothek, during the inspection of the paintings, visitors to the Museum pass through the halls of the building, in which nothing dispels attention and not distracting when switching of perception from one art form to another.

In addition to the art galleries, the walls of the Old Pinakothek hosts readings, concerts, film screenings, and workshops and seminars.

The walls of the Museum are: the Museum shop and café.

Practical information

Alte Pinakothek is part of a range of arts Munich - Museum quarter of Munich and the cultural center known outside of the city (in Bavaria and in Europe).

Alte Pinakothek is situated in the centre of Munich, at the address: barer Strasse 27 (Barer Strasse).

Cost of tickets: full € 7, reduced € 5, children under 18 years stay free of charge. On Sundays, the ticket price is 1 Euro. Special exhibitions may apply separate prices.

There is a combined day ticket: Pinakothek + Brandhorst Museum + Schack collection, located on Prinzregentenstrasse - 12 euros.

The Museum has an audio guide.

The exact cost of tickets, as well as the working hours and conditions we recommend you to contact just before visiting on the official website.

The website of the Alte Pinakothek: alte-pinakothek museums.

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