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Observation decks and points in Bamberg - views of Bamberg from above

Bamberg is one of the most striking historical cities in Germany, the center of which (the old town of Bamberg) is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Bamberg is famous for its abundance of attractions, including museums and simply colorful places for walking and relaxing, visiting which you can touch the history of this beautiful Franconian city. Learn more about the sights and museums of Bamberg...

One of the attractions of Bamberg are observation decks and observation points, giving panoramic views of the city from a bird's-eye view.

Observation decks and observation points of Bamberg

Rose Garden in the New Residence

The new residence (Neue Residenz) marks the heart of Bamberg.

The residence was erected opposite old courtyard (Alte Hofhaltung Bamberg) since the beginning of the 17th century, when the then existing residence (now the Old Courtyard) was already cramped for bishops.

Now within the walls of the New Residence are: the State Gallery of Bamberg (Staatsgalerie von Bamberg) and the State Library of Bamberg (Staatsbibliothek Bamberg).

In the open air between the wings of the New residence (courtyard) there is a rosary (Rosengarten Bamberg) - a rose garden from which panoramic views of Bamberg, including Michelsberg with the former Benedictine monastery, open. Learn more about the New Residence, gallery, library and rose Garden...

Gardens and terraces of St. Michael's Abbey

St. Michael's Abbey, also known as St. Michael's Monastery (Kloster Michaelsberg / Mikaelsberg) is a former Benedictine monastery founded in 1015 by the first bishop of Bamberg, Eberhard, at the suggestion of Emperor Henry II.

Today, the walls of the former monastery are: a nursing home, the current church of St. Michael with the grave of Otto I (Michaelskirche), a cafe, and the Franconian Beer Museum (Fränkisches Brauereimuseum Bamberg) has been opened in the former monastery brewery.

Near the premises of the monastery there is a Baroque garden, and from the terraces there are panoramic views of Bamberg. More about St. Michael's Abbey...

Altenburg Fortress

Altenburg Fortress or Altenburg Castle (Schloss Altenburg Bamberg) is a medieval fortress (castle), which is one of the most striking and important sights of Bamberg.

Today, the Altenburg fortress has been restored on the preserved parts and is a complex of buildings in the historical style, surrounded by a wall with towers.

On the territory of the fortress there are: the main palace of 1902 and a restaurant, a well of 1893, a Hoffmann's room, a bear cage, a chapel, as well as a 33-meter observation tower of the 13th century, the observation deck of which can be reached by a spiral staircase, offering beautiful views of Bamberg and the surrounding area.

In addition to the observation tower, the observation terraces of Altenburg also offer panoramic views of the city of Bamberg and the surrounding area. More about the Altenburg Fortress...

Observation deck on the Altenburg hill

On the way from the center of Bamberg to the Altenburg fortress, on a natural hill near Altenburgen Strasse (Altenburger Str.), there is an open-air observation deck - an observation deck on the Altenburg hill (Aussichtspunkt am Altenburger Berg).

The observation deck offers good views of the historic center of Bamberg and the surrounding area.

The viewing room is free, open 24 hours a day.

Observation deck "Leaning Tower"

The observation deck "Leaning Tower" (Aussichtsturm "Schiefer Turm") is a low tower with two flights of stairs, which gives an overview of the "gardeners' quarter", which is part of the city of Bamberg.

Tower address: Heiliggrabstraße 57, 96052 Bamberg.

Embankments and bridges of Bamberg (Old Town Hall, Little Venice, etc.)

In Bamberg, the Regnitz River flows, along which embankments are laid, and bridges are thrown across the river.

You can admire the banks of the river and the buildings along the river from the bridges and embankments of Regnica.

The most impressive buildings are located along the left arm of the Regnitz River (Linker Regnitsarm) and the Ludwig-Main-Danube Canal.

You can also enjoy panoramas of the river from the bridges The Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus Bamberg) and the nearby square "At the Cranes" (Am Kranen), from which the so-called "Little Venice" (Klein Venedig) stretches downstream of the Regnitz River - a place in the center of Bamberg, where small half-timbered houses with tiny gardens are located in dense rows along the banks of the river.

Previously, "Little Venice" was the site of a fishing settlement, and half-timbered houses mainly belong to the Middle Ages.

Along the way of walking

Since Bamberg stands on seven hills, which is why it is known as the "City on Seven Hills", then from the part of the city that stretches on the left side of the Regnitz River (where it is located Bamberg Cathedral - the western part of Bamberg) from some points of the city there are views of the streets and the adjacent ensemble of the city.

These views can be enjoyed by taking leisurely walks through the streets of Bamberg.

Villa Remace

Villa Remeis is a historic classic villa by Karl Remeis.

Today, within the walls of the villa there is a cafe with halls and tables in the open air, and from the territory near the villa there are panoramic views of part of Bamberg.

Villa address: St.-Getreu-Strasse 13, 96049 Bamberg.

!!! In the castle tower of the former city palace Geyerswerth (Residenzschloss Geyerswörth), which is located on a small island in the heart of Bamberg, there is an observation deck, but now it is impossible to climb the observation deck in the tower. We recommend checking the exact information about the possibility of climbing to the observation deck before the trip.

All accommodation facilities in Bamberg, including in the historical center of the city and more remotely from it, can be viewed and booked here

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