Obelisk at Karolinenplatz in Munich (Obelisk am Karolinenplatz)

The Karolinenplatz is a public space located in the center of Munich, in the Maxvorstadt district, between the Royal Square, the Wittelsbach Square and the square Odeonsplatz.

Across the square is one of the four main boulevards of Munich street Brienner straße (Brienner Straße).

Karolinenplatz known primarily due to the high 29-metre-high obelisk that stands in the center of the square and is called "Obelisk of Karolinenplatz" (Obelisk Karolinenplatz am).

The obelisk was erected as a memorial to soldiers of the Bavarian soldiers who perished in the Russian campaign of Napoleon in 1812. In the list of Bavarian monuments obelisk occupies the last place and is listed as a monument.

The obelisk was designed by the German court architect Leo von Klenze in 1818. The monument was to be placed on the ground-floor. However, because of the impossibility of transporting large parts, only in 1833, when Ludwig I was implemented a simple version of the obelisk on Karolinenplatz.

The pointed obelisk placed on the three-tiered marble platform. Outside the obelisk is covered with bronze plates that were cast from the conquered French, Russian and Austrian cannons. A retired Bavarian guns are also used for the erection of the obelisk.

On the four sides at the bottom of the obelisk are inscriptions:

"Thirty thousand Bavarians who died in the Russian war,"

"They also died for the liberation of the Motherland",

"Built by Ludwig I king of Bavaria",

"Completed October 18, 1833".

The German language inscriptions: "Den tausend dreyssig russischen die Bayern im Kriege den Tod fanden", "Auch sie starben für des Vaterlandes Befreyung", "Errichtet von Ludwig I Koenig von Bayern", "Vollendet am XVIII October MDCCCXXXIII".

In addition to the obelisk on Karolinenplatz also located:

- former Palace of Torring - Seefeld (Palais Toerring-Seefeld), constructed by the architect Carl von Fischer in 1812. De facto, the new building architect Carl Cella, built in 1946. Address: Karolinenplatz 4;

- Palace of Prince George (Prinz-Georg-Palais / Prince-Georg-Palais), built according to the plans of Karl von Fischer. Address: Karolinenplatz 5;

- the building of the Munich stock exchange (Bayerische Börse / Börse München) - the former Villa Hutschenreuther, built in 1894 in neo-Renaissance style by Ludwig Dagmara. Address: Karolinenplatz 6.

She Karolinenplatz square is a historic square built in the years 1809-1812, by analogy with the Paris Star square. The square is named after the second wife of king Maximilian I Princess Caroline of Baden. After the construction of Karolinenplatz has become the main area of Munich.

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