How to get from the New Airport to the center of Istanbul. Where to stay at the airport and near it

Istanbul New Airport (İstanbul Havalimanı) is an international airport in Istanbul, which is the first largest airport in the city. The second one is Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Havalimanı).

The airport is also known as Istanbul International Airport or the Third Airport (Üçüncü Havalimanı).

The new Istanbul Airport serves local and international flights, including budget airlines (low-cost airlines). Flights to Istanbul →

The airport is located in the European part of Istanbul, at a distance of 42 kilometers from the historical center of the city - Sultanahmet Square (Sultanahmet) and 39 kilometers from Taksim Square (Taksim Meydanı).

The airport has all the necessary infrastructure: shops, cafes and restaurants, restrooms, mother and child rooms, places to relax and wait for flights, luggage storage, facilities for people with disabilities, free Wi-Fi, smoking areas, library, museum, YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport hotel, Duty free - International Transit area, YOTEL Istanbul Airport hotel, City Entrance, parking lots, ATMs and currency exchange offices. The exchange rate at the airport may be less profitable than in the city center, so we recommend exchanging small amounts of money at the airport.

How to get from the New airport to the center of Istanbul (from the center of Istanbul to the airport)

You can get from the New airport to the center of Istanbul, as well as from the center of Istanbul to the airport, by taxi / transfer, rented car, express buses and public transport (metro, buses) with transfers.

Taxi / Transfers

It is most convenient and fastest to get from the New airport to the center of Istanbul by taxi. You can order a taxi in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, a driver will be waiting for you with a sign where your first and last name will be written. To order a taxi, it is enough to provide your flight data!

You can also book a transfer or a transfer with a guided tour in advance


One of the most convenient ways to travel independently around Istanbul and travel outside the city is by car. You can rent a car in advance, even from home, the car will be waiting for you immediately upon arrival or in another place convenient for you in the city.

Rent a car in Istanbul (all places and at the airport) →

Express buses (shuttle buses)

Havaist express buses run from/to the New Airport to many points of Istanbul in the European and Asian parts of the city, including: Taksim Square (Taksim Meydanı), Bayazit Square (Beyazıt Meydan), Besiktas Square (Beşiktaş Meydan) Kadıköy Pier, Sabiha Gokcen Airport, etc.

If you need to move on from the express bus stops in the center of Istanbul, then you can use the city's public transport: buses, metro, metro-electric train Marmaray, trams, ferries, funiculars and cable cars. Istanbul transport cards are valid in Istanbul public transport.

The travel time from the New airport to the center of Istanbul by Havaist express buses is approximately 1 hour.

Bus stops are easy to find by following the signs at the airport. Bus stops are marked with numbers, depending on the bus lines. Buses depart from the 2nd floor of the arrival landing pads at Istanbul Airport.

Express bus tickets can be purchased at Havaist vending machines and points of sale at the airport. Vending machines are also placed near bus stops. You can pay for tickets by credit or debit card or make an online payment using the QR code received in the Havaist application. The ticket price includes the transportation of luggage in the luggage compartment.

Children under 5 years old (from 5 years old for a fee) and relatives of veterans of the first degree can use cars for free.

Comfortable minibuses are available for guests traveling in wheelchairs and wishing to use the HAVAIST bus service.

Since the routes and travel times of buses are adjusted depending on the flow, the cost of travel also changes, we recommend that you specify all the necessary information about routes, travel times, stops, prices, places and conditions for purchasing tickets on the official website of the carrier Havaist:

Public urban transport

From public transport from the New Airport and to the airport, the metro and city buses run.


The M11 metro line (lilac line) runs from the Havalimani Airport station (İstanbul Havalimanı, which is near the airport) to the Kagitkhani station. Turkish name of the metro line: "Kağıthane-Istanbul Airport".

The metro has 7 stations: Kağıthane, Üniversite-Hasdal, Kemerburgaz, Göktürk, İhsaniye, İstanbul Havalimanı, Kargo Terminali (cargo terminal). If you go to the airport, you should get off at the station "İstanbul Havalimanı".

Travel time is 27 minutes. The frequency of trips is 8 minutes.

The fare depends on the number of stations you pass.

If you are traveling from the airport to the center of Istanbul, further from Kyagythane you can take public buses or metro (depending on which part of Istanbul you need to get to).

The website of the company that serves the M11 metro line:


There are several bus routes, depending on which point of Istanbul you need to get to, but most likely you will have to go with transfers.

The following public buses run from the New Airport:

  • H-1, airport - Mahmutbey Metro Station
  • H-2, airport - Mecidiyeköy
  • H-3, airport - Halkalı
  • H-6, airport - Yunus Emre Mah./Arnavutköy
  • H-8, airport - Hacıosman/Sarıyer
  • H-9, airport - Cevizlibağ

Stops at the airport are easy to find, you should follow the signs. Buses are yellow.

Bus routes may change. We recommend checking the information on the carrier's website.

Link to public city bus routes from Istanbul Airports (Novy and Sabiha Gokcen):

You can pay for travel on buses and other public transport in Istanbul using electronic tickets from 1 to several trips and Istanbul kart transport cards.

Tickets and cards can be purchased at the vending machines located directly at the stops. You can also top up existing transport cards in the vending machines. Learn more about Istanbul public transport with websites and transport maps...

Long-distance trips

From the New airport and from the center of Istanbul by car, taxi and intercity buses, you can travel outside Istanbul - travel around Turkey.

Buses from the airport can be reached, including to Bursa, Chorla, Cherkezkey, Edirne, Gebze, Sakarya, Izmit, etc.Websites of carrier companies from the New Airport:,,

Rent a car in Istanbul (all places) →

Intercity buses from and to Istanbul →

Excursions from Istanbul

Where to spend the night at and near the New Istanbul Airport

If necessary, on the territory of the New Istanbul Airport, you can spend the night or relax in,

YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport, Duty free - International Transit area, located in the transit zone of duty-free trade in the main terminal of the airport, from where international flights depart.

It offers: a restaurant, a lounge, a 24-hour front desk, free Wi-Fi and family rooms.

Guests of the hotel have access to restaurants and shops of the duty-free zone.

The room rate may include an all-inclusive system. Link to the hotel booking

YOTEL Istanbul Airport, City Entrance, located a 5-minute walk from the airport passport control point.

The hotel has air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour front desk, a fitness center, a business center, a restaurant and a bar.

Breakfast may be included in the room rate. Link to the hotel booking

There are also hotels located near the New Istanbul Airport. For example,

Emre Guest Apartment Near İstanbul Airport booking


Hotel Plus Hotel Express booking

All accommodation facilities in Istanbul, including at and near the city's airports, as well as in the center of Istanbul, on the European and Asian sides, can be viewed and booked here booking

Book hotels in Turkey (including Istanbul) on, already directly being in Turkey - it may not work out. If you are already in Turkey and it is not possible to book a hotel through Booking, then you can do it through a similar online booking system of accommodation facilities Hotellook link →

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