Nevsky gate of the Peter and Paul fortress in Saint Petersburg (gate of death)

The Nevsky Gate is one of the gates of the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg.

The Neva Gate leads from the Peter and Paul Fortress directly to the waters of the Neva-a granite three-arch pier with steps, to which tourist boats dock.

Once upon a time, prisoners of the prison were brought to this pier, through the Nevsky Gate, at night, from where they were sent to hard labor or execution by water. For this reason, this gate was sometimes called by the people - "The Gate of Death".

The name "Nevsky" gate was given due to the fact that they lead out of the fortress to the waters of the Neva River.

The Nevsky Gate is part of Neva Curtain wall (a section of the fortress wall of the fortress), which connects The sovereign and Naryshkin bastions.

View of the outer part of the fortress wall and bastions from the pier of the Nevsky Gate

The first wooden gate on this site of the fortress was built in 1714-1716.

In the 20s of the 18th century, the Nevsky Gate was replaced by a stone one. The author of the project was the architect and engineer-fortifier Domenico Trezzini, who also made the main front gate of the Peter and Paul Fortress out of stone - Peter's Gate.

During the history of the Nevsky Gate was rebuilt and reconstructed several times. The last reconstruction of the gate, which gave the gate the appearance we can see today, dates back to 1784-1787.

The authors of the reconstruction of the gate was the architect Nikolai Lviv, who gave the gate an almost square shape.

The height of the Nevsky Gate is 12 meters, and its width is 12.2 meters.

View of the Nevsky Gate in the general ensemble of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Photo taken with Trinity Bridge

The main facade (south) of the Nevsky Gate has a stone base. Four massive columns (two on each side of the arched opening) with capitals, faced with white Serdobolsky granite with a silver tint.

The columns support a pediment, the center of which is decorated with a relief image of an anchor with crossed palm branches and a fluttering ribbon.

Under the front is the inscription "NEVSKIYA VOROTA 1787". The date "1787" indicates the time of creation of the appearance of the gate.

North facade The Nevsky Gate opens into the inner territory of the fortress and contrasts sharply with the southern facade.

The facade has a bright appearance with the inherent white and green colors.

This facade is decorated with two pairs of bas-relief columns with small capitals.

The pediment is decorated with the monogram of Catherine II.

Under the front is the date "1787".

Practical information

Through the Nevsky Gate, the tourist route goes directly to the inner territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

The entrance to the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress is free (free of charge). Only certain objects on the territory of the fortress are paid for (if you want to visit them).): museums and exhibitions, Peter and Paul Cathedral and the Grand Ducal Tomb, Trubetskoy Bastion Prison, Nevsky panorama.

The Nevsky Gate is located on the southern side of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

The nearest metro stations are Gorkovskaya and Sportivnaya.

From the central part of St. Petersburg to the Nevsky Gate can be reached on foot. The distance from the Palace Square is about 2.5 kilometers.

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