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Naples Viewpoints

Naples is a city located partially in the hills at the foot of Vesuvius, for this reason, from many points of Naples with panoramic views of the city or part of town, the Bay of Naples and some of the surrounding area, including mount Vesuvius, Sorrento coast, Ischia and Capri.

The observation deck of Naples

The Castle Of Sant Elmo

The medieval fortress Castel Sant'elmo (Castel Sant'elmo) is located on the Vomero hill.

Due to its location and the fact that on the inner perimeter of the castle walls are the security of tracks and platforms, once of great observatories time, with the castle grounds offer some of the best panoramic views of Naples, Bay of Naples, Vesuvius and surrounding areas: the Islands of Ischia and Capri, as well as the outline of the Amalfi coast. Read more about the castle Sant'elmo...

Lookout San Martino

Lookout San Martino (San Martino) is located at the foot of the castle of Sant'elmo. This site offer some of the best panoramic views in the city, although the viewing angle is much less than the territory of the aforementioned castle. You can see part of the city of Naples, including the historic center of the port, Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples.

Panoramic staircase Pedamentina

Street Pedamentina San Martino (Via Pedamentina San Martino) is a staircase connecting the historic center of Naples with the Castel Sant Elmo. Some points of the staircase offers views of Naples, from which the street Pedamentina also called "Panoramic stairs".

It is on the top of the stairs is an observation deck San Martino. Read more about panoramic stairs Pedamentina...

The terrace of the Villa Floridiana

A small panoramic terrace Floridiana (Terrazza Panoramica Villa Floridiana), located on the Vomero hill near the homonymous Villa and Park. This viewpoint is considered to be the best in the city. The terrace offers views of the centre of Naples, the hill of Posillipo and the Bay of Naples.

Capodimonte Park

The Park of Capodimonte (Capodimonte Park) - historic public Park located on the hill North of the centre of Naples.

In addition, the Capodimonte Park is recognized as one of the largest and most beautiful in Italy, this Park is an observation deck which offers panoramic surround views of the part of Naples, Gulf of Naples, the surrounding area and nearby Islands and the coast. Read more about the Capodimonte Park...

Lookout terrace Camaldoli

Camaldoli terrace (Terrazza Dell'eremo dei Camaldoli) is one of the best viewpoints of Naples, which offers beautiful panoramic views of Naples, Vesuvius, Sorrento coast, Bay of Naples, the Islands of Ischia and Capri. Located in the eponymous city Park.

Castel Dell'ovo

Castel Dell'ovo (Castel Dell'ovo) is a medieval fortress, the oldest fortification in Naples, located in the historic city center, on the former island of Megaride now a Peninsula in Naples.

In the castle there are several terraces at different levels and a balcony with views of the waterfront, Bay of Naples, mount Vesuvius and some of the surrounding area. Read more about Castel del Ovo...

The restaurant of Grand hotel Vesuvio

Along the waterfront in front of Castel Dell'ovo, are some of the most luxurious Naples hotels, which offer views of the waterfront, castle, Bay of Naples and the surrounding area.

On the top 10th floor of the 5-star Grand hotel Vesuvio is a restaurant with outdoor area, which appear beautiful panoramic view.

Playground Pizzofalcone

Near the promenade and Castel Dell'ovo is a hill Pizzofalcone, he is the area where lies one of the most winding streets of the city - Rampa Pizzofalcone. When climbing the street and views of the surrounding area including places such as Naples, the remnants of the neo-Gothic Villa ebe (Ebe Villa), built in 1922 and the dome of the Church of the Concezione al Chiatamone.

At the top of the stairs there is a small area with panoramic views of the old city of Naples, the Bay of Naples and the surrounding area. In good weather, you can experience the grandeur of mount Vesuvius. Read more about Pizzofalcone...

Belvedere Sant'antonio Posillipo

Belvedere Sant'antonio Posillipo (Belvedere Sant'antonio a Posillipo) - observation deck, located just above the harbour of Mergellina , the most beautiful Harbor of Naples.

Playground is set next to the homonymous Church (Chiesa di Sant'antonio a Posillipo) and it becomes one of the most spectacular panoramic views in Naples. Visible: Marina Mergellina, part of the city and Vesuvius.

The coast of Naples (promenade, the hill of Posillipo)

Along the coast of Naples, on the hill of Posillipo, there are also several open areas, which are: the coast, the Vesuvius, Bay of Naples and the surrounding area. In our opinion, the observation point of the hill of Posillipo, including along the coast, is the best in Naples and the hill of Posillipo is the most green and picturesque place of the city. Read more about coast of Naples...

Virgiliano Park

In the South-Western part of the coast of Naples (Posillipo hill), on top of a cliff near the island Nizida, is the city virgiliano Park, also known as the Park of Remembrance (Parco Virgiliano).

The Park itself is a wonderful place for walks and rest, but also from observation decks offer stunning views of the Bay and the surrounding area. The main entrance to the Park from the street Virgilio (Viale Virgilio).

Playground near the island Nizida

In the South-Western tip of the coast of Naples is a small island Nizida, near which there is a Playground, with views of the island and a small part of the coast.

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