Monument to the janitor in Saint Petersburg

The monument to the janitor, also known as the monument to the St. Petersburg janitor , is a sculptural composition installed in the center of St. Petersburg in honor of the workers who maintain cleanliness in the city - the janitors.

The monument to the St. Petersburg janitor is made of white marble by the sculptor Jan Neumann and was opened on March 16, 2007.

The monument is dedicated not just to the janitor, but to the janitors of the 19th century. Set on a low pedestal, it depicts a male figure with a beard, dressed in a sheepskin coat, felt boots, a fur hat and mittens. In the hands of the figure of the janitor is a large shovel. This is the image of the janitor corresponds to the Russian style of the 19th century.

The monument to the janitor is located on Ostrovsky Square (near Nevsky Prospekt), near the building of the Russian Musical Society (building address: Ostrovsky Square, 9).

Although the monument to the janitor is quite young, but, since its installation, it has quickly gained popularity, and today it is included in the list of popular St. Petersburg monuments.

A sign is connected with this monument: if you throw a coin and touch the janitor's shovel, you will soon "row" money with the same big shovel.

An interesting fact: the image of the janitor of the 19th century (pre-revolutionary), was chosen by Jan Neumann not by chance - at that time there was a flourishing of the profession of the janitor, which was very respected. The janitors were assigned, in addition to maintaining cleanliness on the streets, several other functions, including: collecting and storing lost things, improving the yard and house, helping to maintain order and security on the streets and in the yards, processing documents of residents, delivering correspondence.

Practical information

Nearest metro stations: "Gostiny Dvor" and "Nevsky Prospekt".

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