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Monastery of St. Magdalene, Palma de Mallorca (Convent de Santa Magdalena)

Monastery of St. Mary Magdalene (Convent de Santa Magdalena de Palma) is the religious landmark of Palma de Mallorca and located in the historical city centre, near La Rambla, in the square of Santa Magdalena: Plaсa de Santa Magdalena, 2.

The complex consists of two-storey monastery of the same name and joined the Church.

The building is made in Gothic style with later transformations (early fourteenth century), while the Church refers to a complete overhaul, carried out in 1740.

The main facade of the Church consists of a portal with a lintel, surmounted by a semicircular niche in which is placed the figure of Mary Magdalene with a skull in his hand. Above the entrance is a Central rosette, four rectangular Windows at the top and the crown shaped mixtilinear tester with two rectangular towers on either side of the Shrine.

The single-nave Church has a main altar and side chapels.

The most important element of the Church is the Pantheon of Santa Catalina Thomas (town of Valldemossa - 1533 year, the city of Palma 1574 year). The incorrupt body of Santa Catalina is stored in silver, with glass, sarcophagus.

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