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Long Sausage Festival in Kaliningrad

Every year Kaliningrad hosts the Long Sausage Day, which has already become a traditional holiday. The whole event was called "Tales of the Old town". The Kaliningrad holiday (day) of the long sausage is usually held in the month of February. Naturally, we could not pass by such an event and this year we attended the holiday.

The long sausage festival was held on the territory of the Museum of the World Ocean, at the address: Kaliningrad, Peter the Great Embankment, 1.

The main event with which the grand opening of the holiday begins was a festive procession, at which the masters of the agricultural consumer cooperative from Slavsk "Kolyada" presented a long sausage to the guests. The sausage product broke a new record, the length of the sausage was 300 meters, and its weight was 320 kilograms. This culinary masterpiece was carried by 14 strong men dressed in bright aprons and caps. In real life, they did not carry sausage, but small sausages, sausages (sausages), which were woven together by a shell.

The festive sausage procession opened the whole Long Sausage festival, it began at 12:00 p.m. and lasted 15 minutes. This, perhaps, was the most interesting of the whole organized event. So, if you don't want to miss the procession with a three-hundred-meter sausage, then come to the beginning of the holiday without delay.

The solemn procession of the Long Sausage passed along the museum embankment, from the exhibition building "Marine Konigsberg-Kaliningrad" to the stage at the old port. After that, a bunch of sausages were divided into parts and carried to the trading tents placed here and there around the perimeter of the Museum of the World Ocean.

As the advertising news reported, after the parade of the long sausage, everyone was supposed to be treated to this sausage. A twofold statement, isn't it ... you can understand that sausage will be treated for free. But no, in tents, sausages were fried on mangalas and sold for money. A portion of two sausages and bread cost 150 rubles, of three sausages and a bread plate 200 rubles. Special children's pork and beef sausages for frying were offered for children.

Sausage tents

The process of frying sausages

Wooden tables for eating sausages were placed next to the tents

According to the organizers of the Long Sausage festival, the sausage was made according to the old Konigsberg recipes. We bought three things with a bread plate on trial. The sausages tasted pretty good, but not so tasty, at least they did not meet our expectations, there were large pieces of lard and hard parts of meat. By the way, in the same tents it was possible to buy the same sausages, only in raw form and take home 7 sausages at a price of 150 rubles.

This is how three sausages with a bread plate for 200 rubles look like

There were also tents with grilled Irish sausages. The portion for 150 rubles included 1 sausage, a piece of toasted bread and a cabbage salad.

In addition to sausages, at the Konigsberg Long Sausage Festival, hot tea from samovars was sold for 30 rubles, a cup, panini, hot sweet waffles and buns, similar to Czech ones with a void inside, for 150 rubles apiece.

The main festive events and a festive concert were held on the main square of the museum, on the territory of the Old Port. Here, from the honest stage, the people were entertained by artists of local magnitudes. Games for children, lotteries and contests with gifts from the museum and partners of the holiday were held.

On the main square, the method of the ancient Koenigsberg smoked sausage was clearly demonstrated

Near the square near the Old Port, on the open territory of the Museum of the World Ocean, there are tents with sausage products, bread products and souvenir shops.

The long sausage was only a part of the big street festivities of the festive Kaliningrad day. As for us, so its the only attractive event. In addition, exhibitions and festive events were held in different buildings of the Museum of the World Ocean. For example, a puppet theater, a puppet workshop, a science-fiction show "Laboratory" with incredible tricks, a carnival costume contest, a fabulous flash mob "Long Nose" and a fabulous quest on the ship "Vityaz". It should be noted that the name of the holiday "Tales of the old town" was quite justified.

Entrance to each building of the museum and to each more or less normal event is paid. Tickets cost from 200 to 400 rubles, depending on where to go, discounts for children.

Quite a lot of people gathered at the festival, the festivities went on all day

The holiday ended with a fabulous carnival with Festive Kings and a concert by the Arkady Feldman Symphony Orchestra. Concert tickets are also paid.

Despite the holiday, you can just walk around the Museum of the World Ocean and look at ships, submarines, automatic anti-aircraft guns and a seaplane.

The whole holiday turned out to be quite modest, two-thirds of course advertising, and only one-third a gastronomic event. It somewhat resembled the April Herring Day, with the only difference that a variety of meat products were displayed on the shelves instead of fish.

The tradition of frying a long sausage was revived in Kaliningrad in 2013. In that first year, the sausage makers cooked a sausage more than 200 meters long. And every year they try to beat their own records. This time they succeeded, let's see what happens next…

Having visited the Kaliningrad Long Sausage festival, we learned interesting facts about the World Ocean. After all, we did not go in vain.

World Ocean:

- the age of modern oceans is 150-180 million years;

- 70.9% of the Earth's surface;

- 97% of the Earth's water reserves;

- 4 oceans and 61 seas;

- 777 thousand kilometers of coastline - 65% of the world's population lives on these shores;

- average water temperature + 17.5 degrees C;

- average salinity - 35%;

- the average speed of the Gulf Stream and Kuroshio - 1.5 m/sec;

- the speed of tropical cyclones over the ocean - 40-60 m/sec;

- speed of sound propagation in seawater - 1440-1570 m/sec;

- 60% of the light is absorbed in the upper ten-meter layer;

- 12% of the ocean surface is covered with ice;

- the average depth of the ocean is 3711 meters;

- more than 80 thousand kilometers of mid-ocean ridges;

- about 10,000 seamounts;

- 90% of all mineral resources are formed in the ocean;

- 80% of the minerals extracted in the ocean are oil and gas;

- 65% of the volume of oil and gas reserves;

- 330 active volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean alone. There are 400 active volcanoes on Earth in total;

- renewable mineral resources - only at the bottom of the ocean. Of which, non-ferrous, precious metals and manganese ores;

- life exists at all depths;

- 43% of all primary production of the Earth is generated annually due to photosynthesis processes;

- more than 160 thousand species of fauna and about 10 thousand species of plants;

- 76% of animal classes;

- 50% of plant classes;

- the annual catch of fish products is about 90 million tons;

- 3,000 species of marine animals are dangerous to humans;

- about 50 million tons of various wastes are dumped into the ocean every year. And people are to blame for that!!!

The most significant thing about the Ocean:

- the largest ocean is the Pacific (45.9% of the World Ocean area);

- the largest sea is Sargasso;

- the largest bay is the Bay of Bengal;

- the longest fjord is Nordwest, Norway;

- maximum depth - 11,022 meters (Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean);

- the maximum depth of the Baltic Sea is 459 meters (Landsort depression);

- the largest island is Greenland;

- the most remote islands are Tristan da Cunha (2740 kilometers from the mainland);

- the largest archipelago is Indonesia;

- the longest reef is the Great Barrier Reef, 2017 kilometers;

- the largest of the icebergs is 322 kilometers long and 97 kilometers wide;

- the widest (890 kilometers) and deepest (5,248 meters) strait is the Drake;

- the longest strait is the Mozambique Channel, 1760 meters;

- the shallowest strait is Kerch Strait, 5 meters;

- the narrowest strait is the Bosphorus, its maximum width is 700 meters;

- the largest surface current is the Antarctic circumpolar, 20 thousand kilometers;

- maximum wind speed in tropical cyclones - 113 m/sec, 407 km/h;

- the highest speed of tsunami waves is 1,000 km/h, the highest wave is 47.5 meters on the eastern coast of Canada;

- the most transparent sea is Sargasso, up to 167 meters;

- the maximum height of the ocean tide is 18 meters, Bay of Fundy, Canada;

- the maximum amount of precipitation brought by the cyclone is 1,168 millimeters, Philippine Islands;

- maximum water temperature, +36 degrees C, Red Sea;

- minimum water temperature -2 degrees C, Weddell Sea;

- maximum salinity - 310%, Dead Sea;

- the highest water temperature is in hydrotherms, 360 degrees C;

- the largest marine animal is a blue whale, its length reaches 33 meters, and its mass is up to 190 tons;

- the largest fish is a whale shark, its length is 18-20 meters, weight is 14 tons;

- the smallest fish is a dwarf goby, 8-9 millimeters;

- the largest bivalve mollusk - tridacna, weight - 230-250 kilograms, 140 centimeters;

- the largest clam is a giant squid, 17.4 meters;

- the largest sea pearl - 6 kilograms 370 grams;

- the most dangerous marine animals are some types of jellyfish and octopuses;

- the fastest swordfish, reaches speeds up to 130 km/h;

- the maximum flight of flying fish is 400 meters;

- the maximum length of seaweed is 60 meters.

The ocean is the beginning of everything. Life originated in it billions of years ago, before it appeared on earth. If the ocean water disappeared, the appearance of the planet would become unrecognizable and all life on earth would most likely die. The chemical formula of mammalian blood is very close to the chemical formula of the ocean. The ocean is also the future of the planet.

Let's protect the waters of our planet together, and all that the majestically beautiful blue planet Earth has given us!!!

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