How to get from Munich city centre to Munich airport (from the airport to the center)

road from Munich city center to airport

In the city of Munich (Germany) is one international airport.

Munich airport is the name of Franz Josef Strauss (German: Flughafen München "Franz Josef Strauß"). International airport - Munich International Airport Franz Josef Strauss. The airport is named after former Prime Minister of Bavaria Franz-Josef Strauss. At Munich airport operates two terminals, each with multiple departure areas.

The website of Munich airport: munich airport.

Munich airport is famous because the airport is the brewery Airbrau restaurant that brews several varieties of beer to try which you can at the airport. For a fee you can go on a tour of the brewery.

The airport is approximately 30 kilometers from the city center of Munich. Tickets to Munich...

The Munich city centre is quite extensive, in consequence of which, the starting point from which it's best to get to the airport is considered to be the main train station of Munich (German name: München Hauptbahnhof). Central railway station receives trains long trains and short-haul. The station is quite large, but it is quite easy and intuitive. It is the largest of the three stations.

Train station Munich is somewhere in the 40-kilometers from the airport of Strauss and in the heart of the city, within walking distance from the Theresienwiese, where every year is held the world famous Oktoberfest beer festival.

How to get from Munich city centre to Munich airport (from the airport to the center)

to get from city centre to Munich airport (or Vice versa) is possible:

- by taxi;


- the train (train);


Taxi/Shuttle Service

To get from Munich airport to the city centre, as well as from Munich city centre to the airport, the easiest and quickest way is by taxi. Book a taxi/Shuttle service is possible in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, you will meet your driver with a sign, which will be written your name and surname. For taxi is enough to tell us your flight details!


The most convenient way of independent movement in Germany is a car. You can rent a car in advance, even from home, the car will be waiting for you upon arrival.

Train (train)

One of the easiest ways to get to the airport from the city centre of Munich or from the airport to the city centre, there is no difference is on the train.

The advantage of trains is that they travel without traffic jams. Travel time to the main station and 40-45 minutes to the Marienplatz station (Marienplatz) a little longer and to East station (Ostbahnhof) is almost an hour away.

The train runs from early morning until late at night, the last train leaves around 1:30 in the morning. During the day trains run every 20 minutes.

In the city trains depart from the main railway station and arrive at it. Note that trains and buses make stops around the city, so it is better to specify in advance on the city map and to know where to go or to sit down.

Munich airport is connected to downtown by two lines of suburban trains (S-Bahn) S1 and S8. Both lines pass through the city's Central station: the main train station, Marienplatz, Karlsplatz. If you are going from the airport to the city centre, there is no difference on what line to take, in any case, you will be at the Central stations of the city.

But here you need to be careful (there are caveats)! If you go to the airport station on line S1, then the station Neufahrn first car off and he goes to the station Freising, and for the second car directly at the airport. True or not, we don't know when and with what frequency do such things, do not know. However, if it happens, on the scoreboard before landing will be the announcement, of course, in English or German. Therefore, we do not risk, and always sat in the second car. If you went in the first car and noticed that you started to unhook, then just leave the first car and change the second.

Airport access to trains easy to find by following the red DB (Deutsche Bahn) or green S-Bahn signs.

Following from the city to the airport, just need to go to the platform and the path specified in the ticket.

Tickets can be purchased:

- on the website of the German Railways Deutsche Bahn

at the reception Desk of the Deutsche Bahn at the airport. Stand will be up to the descent on the platform of trains;

- red machines. Located in the city, at railway stations and at the airport;

- railway stations (stations) at the offices of such.

A little advice! If on arrival at Central station Munich you plan to go to another city of Bavaria, it is better to buy the Bavarian ticket or Bavarian ticket night, if the trip comes at a time after 18:00 hours. For such tickets can be reached from Munich airport via Central station to any city of Bavaria and back, if needed, during the hours of validity of the ticket.

If the Central station you have the ultimate station or coming from the station to the airport, the optimum will be the purchase of a ticket Airport-City-Day-Ticket. This card comes in two variations:

1. Ticket for one passenger, which is valid for one day and called Single Airport-City-Day-Ticket. Cost about 12 euros.

2. Ticket for five passengers - Gruppen (formerly known as Partner) Airport-City-Day-Ticket that is also valid for one day. The cost of the ticket in the area of 22,50 euros.

Children under 6 years travel free of charge. Children aged 6 to 14 years 50% discount.

Ticket Airport-City-Day-Ticket is suitable for any form of public transport within München-Gesamtnetz. That is on this ticket until six in the morning the next day you can drive to any station, make connections to metro, tram and(or) buses within München-Gesamtnetz. Additionally, there is nothing to buy and no need to pay.


Local buses (in Munich)

Comfortable bus Aeroexpress company "Lufthansa" (Lufthansa Airport Bus), with soft reclining seats and a large compartment for bags and Luggage, which for 40-45 minutes drive from the city centre (main railway station) to the airport or from the airport to the city centre.

You can buy a ticket at the airport, from the driver or in advance on the website.

The cost of the tickets:

- adult ticket: one trip for one - € 10.50 (from the driver 11 euros), round-trip ticket is 17 euros (from the driver of the 18 Euro);

- children (6-14 years): single ticket - € 5.50 (from the driver 6 euros), round-trip ticket - 11 Euro (from the driver 12 euros);

- children under 6 years stay free of charge;

- 10-local ticket for adults from 15 years € 75, can be purchased only online;

- monthly pass for adults from 15 years - EUR 110, can only be purchased online.

Bus and train stops in the suburbs of Munich and the city.

The bus from town to the airport leaves from the Central railway station and from the metro station nordfriedhof underground station (Nordfriedhof).

The buses run from 06:30 o'clock in the morning until around 22:00 o'clock in the evening. Then during the day the buses run every 15-25 minutes.

At Munich airport buses stop at Terminal 2, Terminal 1 (module A and D) and Main terminal (WT).

Coming from the city centre to the airport, the buses also make stops at the terminals. On each terminal posted large signs that are clearly visible from the buses, with information which airline from which terminal fly. Ride the bus, look out the window, saw the desired airline, feel free to get off the bus and walk into the airport terminal.

At the main train station of Munich a bus stand near the Central entrance, on the right, if you stand to the station and back. If you stand to the main entrance station person, stop on the left. Here, in the station building, opposite the bus stand in the box office selling tickets.

Intercity and international buses

From centre and Munich airport buses in other cities and countries of Europe (Austria, Italy, France, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, etc.), including buses Flexbus (FlixBus) →

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