Wawelberg House in Saint Petersburg

The Wawelberg House is a former apartment building and commercial bank, the building of which is a monument of history and architecture, as well as one of the most spectacular buildings in St. Petersburg.

The Wawelberg House is located in the center of St. Petersburg, at the intersection of Malaya Morskaya Street and Nevsky Prospekt-one of the most visited and beautiful streets of the city.

The building was built in 1910 for the St. Petersburg Merchant Bank. The customer of the construction was Mikhail Ippolitovich Wawelberg-the heir of the founder of the St. Petersburg Merchant Bank (1846) - a merchant of the first guild of Hirschem (Heinrich Mikhailovich) Wawelberg (1813-1891).

The building was built according to the project of architect Marian Marianovich Peretyatkovich, on the site of two buildings that were located on this site since 1803.

After its construction, the building became known as the "Wawelberg House", as well as the" Doge's Palace "and the"Money Palace".

In Soviet times, the building housed the ticket offices of Aeroflot and the Air Communications Agency.

Today, the building is an architectural monument of federal significance. There are commercial premises in the house and the 5-star Wawelberg Hotel with panoramic terraces.

This building, in the Neo-Renaissance style, is hard not to notice when walking along Nevsky Prospekt. It stands out among the surrounding buildings, attracting attention with its massiveness and dark color, which give the impression of the heaviness of the structure.

The building has five floors and is trapezoidal in plan. The facades are faced with rough-hewn gray granite. The first floor is made in the form of an arcade, the second is framed by a colonnade. Also in the design of the facades there are mascarons, bas-reliefs, cartouches, capitals of columns and neat balconies.

One legend is connected with the house: when the banker Wawelberg took the building, he went through all the rooms for a long time and meticulously, but, finding no reason for dissatisfaction, he still made one remark: "You have a sign on the door: Push away from yourself. This is not my principle. Redo it: Pull to yourself."

Practical information

The Wawelberg House is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, at the corner of Malaya Morskaya Street and Nevsky Prospekt, at the address: Nevsky Prospekt, 7-9 / Malaya Morskaya Street, 1.

Nearest metro stations: "Admiralteiskaya" and "Nevsky Prospekt".

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