Fountain «Spinning ball» in Saint Petersburg (fountain clock)

The fountain "Rotating Ball" is one of the most unusual, complex and recognizable fountains in St. Petersburg.

The large ball of the fountain can be rotated, the fountain also shows the time of day, and, they say, fulfills wishes.

The fountain is also known as the "Clock Fountain", or simply as the "Ball" fountain.

Full name: fountain-cascade "Rotating ball".

The fountain is located in the center of St. Petersburg, at the beginning of Malaya Sadovaya Street, at the intersection with Nevsky Prospekt-one of the most visited streets of the city.

The fountain was installed in 2000 and since then has quickly gained popularity and" overgrown " with legends.

They say that the idea of the fountain dates back to the time of Catherine II and belongs to Lomonosov. A similar design existed in Peterhof during the reign of Catherine II; its author was Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov. The only difference - then the ball was made of copper and had a smaller weight-200 kilograms.

The fountain-ball is a composition consisting of a large granite ball weighing 739 kilograms, which is supported by the weight, thanks to the water jets beating from the nozzles under high pressure, which gives the impression that the large ball is floating on water, or is in zero gravity and only slightly washed by water.

The fountain also has 12 granite steps-figures, on which water jets fall from the "back" wall of the fountain and thus show the time of day. Every hour, the direction (pressure) of the jets changes, and the water falls on the corresponding step, thereby showing time and symbolizing the passage of time. It is worth noting that these watches do not have great accuracy.

Several legends are associated with the fountain:

1. The fountain ball can be turned manually. And, the faster the ball spins, the closer the fulfillment of the most cherished desire.

2. To fulfill the wish, you need to stand with your back to the fountain bowl and throw a coin over your right shoulder on the fountain steps (preferably with a face value of " 5 " - 5 rubles, 10 rubles, 5 cents, 10 cents, etc.). What number will fall out, so many times and you need to spin the fountain ball, while thinking about your desire.

Practical information

The fountain-cascade "Rotating ball" is located on Malaya Sadovaya Street in the center of St. Petersburg, near the interesting and at first glance inconspicuous monument to the cat and the cat (cat Elisha and cat Vasilisa).

Nearest metro stations: "Gostiny Dvor" and "Nevsky Prospekt".

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