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Museum of the souls in Purgatory, Rome, Italy

On the same Bank of the Tiber river in Rome, and the Vatican to be one of the creepiest museums in Italy - the Museum of dead souls in Purgatory/museo delle Anime del Purgatorio. According to experts, this Museum of the dead indicates the presence of people in purgatory, the place where souls pay for their sins before going to heaven. And this is no joke, the Museum has collected a lot of evidence that the souls of the dead who have not found peace in heaven, still roam among us, striking fear and terror into the living.

This Museum is among the ten most bizarre museums in the world. He is a very famous and popular among tourists from Europe and Asia, but our tourists about this unique Museum know practically nothing and somehow leave his side. And it is in vain, in the Museum of souls in Purgatory really is something to see. A unique Museum that nowhere else in the world will you find anything like that, it's the only place on planet earth to prove the existence of dead souls and purgatory.

Besides, another feature of the Museum is that it is no where there, but right in the Church. Generally in Rome, so many museums and exhibits are in the churches, yet Catholicism is more soft, tolerant, and progressive faith than Orthodoxy. But, nevertheless, we are all Christians and we all share the belief in one God.

Something we have moved away from the topic. Now, the Museum of souls in Purgatory is the Church, the parish of the sacred Heart of Jesus in Prati/parrocchia Sacro Cuore di Gesu' in Prati. This Church looks very unusual, made in neo-Gothic style.

parish church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ in Prati, Rome

As you can see not only the Museum but the Church is well, just very unusual. Not even enough words to describe how unusual and intriguing architecture of this Church. This can be seen with the naked eye even in the pictures, but when you stand next to it, then all breathtaking, but inside all is compressed. In our opinion, is the most remarkable and fascinating building in Rome. We stood and watched him for about ten minutes, so just stood and watched, and the look was impossible to take.

It is looking at this Church I felt did not understand, and it felt all my insides how huge, majestic and indescribably beautiful Rome. You're like an empty vessel, filled at least find in Rome. Only in Rome, after inspection of such unusual sights, we realized we travel on a lot and often, very often and as much as possible, while not sparing money and time.

Museum of the Dead Souls at Purgatory, Rome

neo-Gothic church, Soul Purgatory Museum, Rome, Italy

Church of the sacred Heart of Christ built in the years 1894-1917 Giuseppe at gualandi. Thanks to its rich neo-Gothic architecture, the Church is also called a small Milanese Cathedral.

The building of the Museum is a must see, it in itself attracts, not to mention the Museum's exhibits.

Museum of souls in Purgatory or as it is called, the Museum of Holy souls and even a Museum of departed souls is in the sacristy of the Church. All exhibits of the Museum is not fiction, not fake or imitation, but a real, very ancient and truthful evidence of the presence of souls on earth. Each exhibition copy case "owner" of the departed souls.

Compared to other famous museums, this Museum is very small, but not its uniqueness, but only in size. In a small room, there are numerous other artifacts. Here exhibited a variety of surfaces, which have left their prints on the souls of the dead. For example, a charred hand prints can be seen on wooden and paper paintings, as well as bed linens and clothes or else, the shape of a burning flame in the pages of the sacred books.

exhibits of the Soul Museum in Purgatory, Rome, Italy

Some of the fingerprints or flames are shapeless spots on the cloth or tree where every their imagination, can see any figure. Others, however, have a clear idea of some form of arm or cross.

handprint of the soul of the deceased at the Soul Museum in Purgatory, Rome

Soul Museum in Purgatory, Rome, Italy

All exhibition copies of the Museum represent a very valuable artifacts, therefore, are exhibited under glass and carefully guarded by the priests.

The origin of all these strange exhibits has a very interesting history:

In 1897, in the chapel of the Church caught fire. Priest Victor once extinguished the fire was seen on the wall behind the altar the image of a human face, a sad face clearly emerged from the fire . The priest explained this symbol as follows: the soul of a deceased person, sentenced to Purgatory, and tried to get in touch with real people and ask for help.

After that, the priest tried to find other people with similar experience clashes with the supernatural and perhaps find more real exhibits demonstrating the throwing of the spirit between heaven and earth.

The search was very difficult, he was looking for information around the world and for a long time, but nevertheless he still found evidence that demonstrate that the dead are forced to go through a period in the afterlife reign of purgatory, to be cleansed from their sins, tried to attract the attention of living people. The fact that Catholics believed that the souls of all sinners come not to heaven but to Purgatory and remain there until until you pay for your sins. However, the term sinner in Purgatory can be shortened if the living will pray for him, thereby helping him to clean.

So Victor had assembled a collection of evidence of the presence of ghosts in our world, then the Church was opened the Museum.

Helpful information about Museum of the souls in Purgatory

The entrance to the Museum of souls in Purgatory:

The entrance to the Church and Museum is free. To get to the Museum of souls from Purgatory you don't just need to ask about this priest, however, is a mere formality, you never fail, always opens doors and show you the Museum. Although entrance is free, but it is still recommended to leave a small amount in a donation for the Church.

Photography at the Museum of souls in Purgatory:

Photographing in the Museum is not prohibited, it's also free.

Information about the exhibits of the Museum of souls in Purgatory:

Information about each exhibit is translated into several languages.

Location and address of the Museum of souls in Purgatory:

Museum of souls in Purgatory is located on the banks of the river Tiber. Within walking distance of the Vatican with St. Peter's Cathedral and Castel Sant'angelo, at Lungotevere Prati, 12, 00193 Roma, Italy.

Opening hours of the Museum of souls in Purgatory:

Daily from 07:00 to 19:30 hours.

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