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Interesting on the streets of Rome, our observations + photos

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In addition to the major attractions just walking the streets of Rome, you can see a lot of interesting and very original, inherent only in southern European cities. Here's an example.

By the way, who cares! About Ancient Rome and its surviving to our days sightseeing, we were told on the pages of this blog under the heading "Rome", read here.

Because streets in the centre of Rome is quite narrow, the lighting of the streets here, they don't placed on poles, and hanging over the streets. And all to save space.

street lights in rome

Products for the safe of love you can buy at any time of the day. At night when pharmacies are closed, they sell condoms in those vending machines, hanging on the streets, directly into the walls of houses at pharmacies.

condom machines on the streets of Rome

Siesta is a sacred time for all southern countries and Italy is no exception. So, on the grass, in the middle of the streets of the city, local residents are resting during the hot midday sun. Someone sleeping alone, and others are just couples bask in the shade of trees and shrubs.

siesta in rome

Cars in Rome deserve a separate topic. Mostly they are small and very compact. All again due to the narrow streets and the possibility to Park on a very small area. In addition, these budget cars in the content, and they are not expensive. For example, smart you can buy for 400 thousand rubles.

cars on the streets of Rome

Often on the streets of Rome to find and quite rare models of cars

interesting in rome

Balconies in the apartments of the houses are not glazed, and make a cloth folding canopies from the sun, and the balconies decorated with greenery and flowers. When every balcony lots of greenery, all in scope looks very impressive and quite beautiful.

balconies in colors, Rome, Italy

On the streets of Rome can often be found at home the original form, a nice fence with palm trees outside the perimeter and security in an interesting way.

streets of Rome

in Rome

photos from the streets of Rome

Or just "magicians" floating in the air. There's nothing magical and supernatural of course, under the clothes they have are the steel supports, but succumbing to the General atmosphere of relaxation, floating in the air, it makes an impression and looks quite intriguing.

magicians soaring in the air, Rome, Italy

After a long walk the wonderful streets of Rome, you can relax on the steps of the next historical and architectural ensemble

on the streets of Rome

And then go on to admire the unique architecture of the city and breathe local flavor

streets of Rome, photo

interesting in Rome, photo

Trams in Rome, Italy

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