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Costa den Blanes, Mallorca (Costa d'en Blanes). Punta Negra

Costa den Blanes (Costa d'en Blanes) - residential area located in the municipality of Calvia in the southwestern part of the island of Majorca, 12 kilometres from the centre of island's capital, Palma.

Costa den Blanes is divided into two areas: the upper urbanization in the Sierra de In the Burges and the lower stretching along the coast.

The upper part of the Blanes is a residential and popular among tourists. To stay at the top Blanes in the CASA ROSA with three bedrooms.

Lower Blanes is a very popular place to stay, about this part of the district in question, when talking about tourism of Costa den Blanes. Lower Blanes is also called the beach resort town of Costa den Blanes.

On the Eastern side of lower coast of Costa den Blanes is bordered by residential and resort Portals Nous or Puerto Portals Nous (Portals Nous), and from the South-West with the area of Son Caliu (Son Caliu).

The beaches Costa den Blanes. The Costa den Blanes (Punta Negra)

Costa den Blanes is predominantly rocky and steep, however, along the coast there is a beach, also small areas without facilities to which access is possible.

The beach of Costa den Blanes

The beach of de Costa den Blanes (Playa de Costa den Blanes), also known as the den Blanes beach (Platja d'en Blanes), is the only well-maintained and, accordingly, the main beach area of Costa den Blanes.

The beach strip is quite narrow. The length of the beach is somewhere 120-129 meters, and its average width is 15 meters.

On the beach the slope of the bright sand from small to larger stones, algae and the concrete surface. Sea water is clean, depth comes rather abruptly.

On the beach there are sun loungers and sun umbrellas (beach chair from 4,50 euros, an umbrella is 4 euros), urns and soul. In high season lifeguards. There is a kiosk bar with drinks and snacks, both sides of the beach are cafes-restaurants.

Above the beach there is a place where you can leave your car.

On the East side of the coast d'en Blanes beach is bordered by small sandy beach of Caleta Punta Portals (Caleta Punta Portals) relating to the beaches of Portals nous, but, nevertheless, which some sources attribute as the beaches Costa den Blanes and beaches of Portals nous.

Costa den Blanes to the West from the beach

To the West of the beach den Blanes along the coast is equipped unextended pedestrian walkway, above which is a tennis club Sporting Club Portals. Club address: Carretera de Andratx, km 11, 07181 Calvia, Baleares. Club website: sportingclubportals.

For tennis club, in a westerly direction along the coast (to Sleep Caliu) to Cape Punta Negra (Punta Negra) stretches of rocky coast district, which first has a more gradual slope, gradually becoming steeper and higher as it moves to the West coast.

This section of the coastal strip has small bays and beach strips, characterized by a rocky-sandy and rocky coast without any amenities, but suitable for bathing and recreation.

S Hostalet Beach (Playa S'hostalet)

Punta des Carregador (Punta des Carregador)

Belogorodsky, uncrowded beach with no amenities. Its length is 55 meters and width 15 meters. This beach from neighboring beach S Hostalet separates the promontory of Punta des Carregador (Punta Carregador).

The access to the beach is via a path from the street Carrer Punta Carregado, passing above the line of the beach. Also, this beach gives access to the neighboring beach S Hostalet.

Cap des Gegant (Cap des Gegant)

A small beach Cove located under steep slope of the hill of the same name between the Cape and the beach of des Carregador. The access to the beach is via trails from the street Carrer Punta Carregado.

Punta Negra (Punta Negra)

Punta Negra is the most picturesque and big toe this area.

Near the nose of the promontory are two cozy little coves of Cala Punta Negra (Punta Negra Calas) with crystal clear water and the possibility of Hiking access.

Western Bay of Punta Negra

Eastern Bay of Punta Negra

The Cape has a predominantly rocky, steep coast, along parts of which are Hiking trails.

On the promontory of Punta Negra is located:

- diving sport clubspecializing in diving and water sports;

- 4-star boutique hotel Boutique Hotel H10 Punta Negra, located in direct access from two of the Cape and the facilities which include garden with 3 swimming pools, one of which is for children.

Most rooms include a balcony or terrace with sea views. The room price includes: Breakfast or Breakfast and dinner. Link to the boutique hotel booking

With Cape Punta Negra offers wonderful views of the rugged coastline and blue-blue waters of the Balearic sea, which, under the rays of bright sunlight play a bizarre tint.

On the West side of the promontory of Punta Negra is a small narrow beach with easy access and equipped with a pier.

In the Bay the possible production of small yachts and boats at anchor.

This part of the coast is the Western extremity of the lower Costa den Blanes, where the area blends in with the nearby resort area of son Caliu.

Along the Western end of the coast is the resort 5-star The St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort, which captures as part of the area of Costa den Blanes and the neighbouring part of the area of son Caliu.

This exquisite and luxurious hotel with large grounds with swimming pool, garden and Golf course. Room rates include Breakfast. Link to the hotel booking

Walking area

Along almost the entire lower area of Costa den Blanes - from the Western end and the beach of the Bay des Carregador, above the line of the coast and beaches is a promenade with Seating and small sports and children's playgrounds.

It is from this road, on the trails, you can descend to the coast and coves of the area.

Sights and activities in Costa den Blanes

Attractions, and entertainment, in addition to the sea, nature and the beach in Costa den Blanes are almost there.

The only significant attraction is the Park "Marineland" (Marineland Mallorca), which is a Dolphinarium and a zoo with an aquarium, tropical house and Park birds.

The Park is located around the border of Costa den Blanes and Portals nous, at the address: Carrer Garcilaso de la Vega 9, 07181 Costa d'en Blanes. The website of the Park: marineland.

Close to Costa den Balnes (walking distance) you can visit:

- the resort town of Palmanova , with three beaches, an abundance of retail outlets, cafes and restaurants;

the resort town of Portals nous, famous yacht Marina Puerto Portals, several beaches and an observation deck that are the best in the area;

How to get to Costa den Blanes: taxi; car; bus from Palma No. 104 and 107, from the airport № A11.

Costa den Blanes on the map

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