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Church of San Giorgio and observation deck in Portofino (Chiesa di San Giorgio) - best panoramic views

St. George's Church or the Church of San Giorgio (Chiesa di San Giorgio) Catholic Church, located on the promontory of Portofino.

According to the tablet, located in the Church, the Shrine was built in the Romanesque style in 1154. Although the excavations carried out during the reconstruction of the Church after the Second world war, were found the remains of an ancient chapel, once located on this site, which may relate the history of the Church to the era of the Lombards in Liguria.

During its history, the Church was rebuilt, expanded and reconstructed. In 1691, in conjunction with the redevelopment was expanded a road that still allows you to easily reach the Church on the main square of Portofino.

During the Second world war the Church was completely destroyed by a bomb dropped by fighter-bomber. In 1950, the Church was restored, the work was carried out in accordance with the structure 1760.

The exterior and interior of the Church is simple and modest.

Inside are the relics of St. George, the patron Saint of Portofino, brought by sailors who returned from the Crusades.

Behind the church is an old local cemetery.

Near the main entrance to the Church of St. George stretches area, the picture on which is lined with pebbles in black and white.

The area near the Church - it is also the same name observation deck (Terrazza San Giorgio), on the one hand which offers the best in Portofino panoramic views of the Bay and Harbor of Portofino, as well as the Central square of the city of Martiri del Olivetta, and on the other - views of the sea water and the wild rocky coast of the Cape. Find out more about Portofino Harbor and Martiri del Olivetta Square...

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