Castle on the beach in Lloret de Mar (Castell d'en Plaja) - a business card of the city

Castle on the beach or Castel d'en Platja (Castell d'en Plaja) - the building of the castle located in the town of Lloret de Mar.

The castle of Alicante is a hallmark of the city and one of the main decorations of the Town, towering proudly above a small beach-Cove of Sa Caleta.

The castle building is a house-castle built for industrialist Narcisa Plaza of Girona. The house project was designed in 1935 by architect from Girona by Isidore of Boskom. However, the work was completed only in the forties, after the end of the Spanish civil war.

Initially, the construction of the castle has sparked controversy among the population of the Town. Despite this, over time, the building became one of the symbols of the city, whose image for many years is decorated with postcards and Souvenirs, it is also one of the favorite places among the tourists for photos.

Castle on the beach - a private residence, the entrance to the territory is impossible.

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