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Castle Garden Bazaar, Budapest (Varkert Bazar)

The so-called Bazaar of the Royal Garden, literally approximately as the “Castle Garden Bazaar” (the Hungarian name is Varkert Bazar) is a series of arcades with galleries, pavilions and terraces in the neo-Renaissance style and is one of the architectural gems of the historical part of Buda.

Bazaar, castle garden was constructed between 1875 and 1883 according to the project of Hungarian architect miklós Ibla.

Initially, the Bazaar was performed by the commercial function, where the shops and cafes. Later served as a place for studios, exhibitions and a host of different schools.

During the Second world war, the market Varkert seriously injured. Since 1961, it functioned as the Youth garden and cultural center in Buda, where concerts and other musical events. In 1984 due to the deterioration of the market was closed. Bazaar Garden of the castle has not been used for nearly thirty years. 19 Oct 2011 the government decided to begin a complete renovation of the Garden Bazaar. The first phase of reconstruction was completed in 2014, and immediately thereafter began the restoration of the surrounding Royal Park in the style of the Renaissance.

Currently, the Market the Royal garden is an integral part of the Royal gardens, is a jewel of the waterfront, is part of the Buda castle and on its territory a venue for temporary exhibitions, holiday concerts, and various outdoor activities and indoors.

Is the market the Royal garden along part of the Buda embankment, separating the gardens of the Royal Palace from the common space along the Danube.

Through complex market you can go to the Royal garden, and then go up to the Royal Palace. Read more about the Royal Palace in Budapest...

View of Buda embankment of the Danube and from the complex Bazaar, Royal garden

View of the Royal garden and Bazaar the terrace of the Palace

On the South side of the arcades of the Bazaar, the Royal gardens adjacent to the historic monument and an exhibition on the First world war, opened in the exhibition hall of Varkert (address: Ybl Miklos ter, 5).

For the exhibition grounds is the Museum of the history of medicine named Semmelweis (Semmelweis Museum / Muzeum Semmelweis Orvostörteneti), which function as constant and changeable (temporary) exhibitions.

The Museum is located at the address: Aprod u. 1-3.

The website of the Museum of the history of medicine: semmelweismuseum

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