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Castle d'Albertis, Genoa (Castello d'Albertis)

Castle d'Albertis (Castello d'Albertis) - a historical residence, originally owned by the sea captain Enrico Alberto d'Albertis.

Albertis Castle is located on Montegalletto Hill in the southwestern outskirts of Castelletto, overlooking the center of Genoa and the Ligurian Sea, at 18 Corso Dogali.

The castle was built between 1886 and 1992 on the ancient walls of the Bastion 13-14 centuries, which was strengthened in the 16th century. The castle is partially absorbed remains of an ancient wall and one of the towers.

Castello'albertis was built in the style of Gothic revival, in the spirit of the Florentine palaces and castles of the Aosta valley, admired by Enrico d'albertis.

After the death of captain'albertis, the castle was donated to the city of Genoa in 1932. Later the complex was restored.

The entrance gate to the castle'albertis. On-site restaurant, banquets.

Currently in the castle walls is the Museum of world cultures (Museo delle Culture del Mondo), built in 2004.

The Museum displaysfurniture, décor, ethnographic, and archaeological finds collected Enrico and Luigi Maria d'albertis during their trips to Africa, America (from Canada to Tierra del Fuego), New Guinea and Oceania, as well as weapons from Sudan and Zambezi, Chinese copy and European halberds, model ships and yachts, marine instruments, photos of Tom's personal library d'albertis, etc.

A separate section of the Museum provided the collection devoted to music (Museo delle Musiche dei Popoli / the Museum of folk music), representing musical instruments from different parts of the world.

The working hours and cost can be specified on the website.

The castle is surrounded by parkland, which includes: walking paths, places for recreation, and grounds offer panoramic views of the city of Genoa, the harbour and the Ligurian sea.

The entrance to the Park is free (free).

All accommodation facilities in Genoa, including in the city center, near the beaches and more remote from them, can be viewed and booked here

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