Bike park in the resort Krasnaya Polyana (Gorki Gorod)

The bike park is a complex of trails with a full-fledged infrastructure for mountain biking.

Krasnaya Polyana (Esto-Sadka) has one of the best bike parks in Russia with full infrastructure. The bike park is located on the territory of the year-round mountain resort Krasnaya Polyana (formerly Gorki Gorod), in a forest zone at elevations from 960 to 540 meters above sea level.

The bike park at the Krasnaya Polyana resort is open during the spring and summer season. Learn more about the Krasnaya Polyana summer resort…

In the bike park there are tracks of "green" (simple), "blue" (medium difficulty), "red" (complex) and "black" (very difficult) difficulty levels with worked-out blinders, drops, contructions, sharp turns and rhythm sections. The total length of the trails for downhill is more than 15 kilometers with a height difference of 400 meters.

In addition, a wooden skill park (Skill park) and an earthen pump track (Pump track) are separately equipped.

Trails in the bike-perk Krasnaya Polyana

The tracks in the bike park run in such a way that one of the tracks can smoothly turn into another.

Bike Park trails:

- the simple (green) track "Green Bay" (No. 1) is suitable for beginners, even for those who have never ridden in bike parks before.

The route is a 3945-meter gentle descent through a beech forest with a height difference of 369 meters.

An ordinary mountain bike with serviceable brakes and a front shock absorber is suitable for the route. But for more comfort, we recommend a special bike with two shock absorbers and hydraulic brakes;

- blue (medium difficulty) tracks:

  • "Bear Corner" (No. 2), with a length of 1084 meters with a height difference of 166 meters;
  • "Crimea" (No. 3), with a length of 728 meters with a height difference of 85 meters;
  • "Dining room" (No. 4), with a length of 1281 meters with a height difference of 222 meters;
  • "Dor-bolu" (No. 5), with a length of 417 meters with a height difference of 97 meters.

These tracks are wide and smooth, have convenient turns and safe jumps of the "table" type, where there is a flat area between departure and landing, which allows you to try jumps, gradually and safely increasing the amplitude.

Blue trails are the most popular in the bike park. They are suitable for almost everyone-from amateurs to professionals;

- red (difficult) tracks:

  • "Cake" (No. 8), with a length of 1915 meters with a height difference of 295 meters;
  • "Canyon" (No. 10), 404 meters long with a height difference of 82 meters;
  • "Vzhuh" (No. 11), with a length of 546 meters with a height difference of 134 meters.

These trails are suitable for more experienced riders, to improve the skill of cycling in the mountains. They are a little easier than black tracks, with small jumps, "skidding", technical turns and an average slope;

- black (very difficult) tracks:

  • "Blackberry" (No. 6), with a length of 1779 meters with a height difference of 327 meters;
  • "Meldonium" (No. 7), with a length of 1871 meters with a height difference of 365 meters;
  • "Cobblestone path" (No. 9), 574 meters long with a height difference of 140 meters.

These tracks are even more difficult and interesting because of the frequent root and stone sections, amplitude jumps.

The entrance to the bike park tracks is located behind the 5-star Rixos Krasnaya Polyana Sochi Hotel

Pump track and skill park

A Pump track is a special bicycle track that consists of an alternation of pits, hummocks and contructions, and does not contain flat sections.

The area of the pump track is about 1800 sq. m. In the series of "slides, jumps and counter-slopes" made of special soil, there are special children's and training lines.

For riding on the pump track, light dirt mountain bikes or BMX are best suited, however, riding will also be interesting for training in the downhill category.

The skill park has an area of about 1500 sq. m.

There are several route lines in the park, which consist of a number of obstacles, such as "swings", blinders (bridges), small jumps and counter-slopes.

A special training area has been allocated for children and novice athletes, where you can get the necessary skills under the guidance of an instructor.

The platform with a pump track and a skill park is located at the mark Polyana 960, just above the landing on the cable car "Eastern Forest" (K-10).

Services in the bike park

Free car wash, mountain bike rental and protection, instructor service, mountain bike repair and maintenance workshop, gazebos for recreation along the trails.


In order to promote active sports, annual mass sports events are held in the bike park.

For example, the Krasnaya Polyana Cup and the Russian Championship are mountain bike competitions in the disciplines of "downhill" (downhill); Megalavina is a mass downhill on mountain bikes from the mark of +2200 meters.

Practical information

To ride and train in the Krasnaya Polyana bike Park, you can rent a bike or you can come with your own.

You can get to the bike park trails, as well as the skill park and the pump track by car to Polyana 960. And also from the lower station of the cable cars in Polyana 540 climbing on the gondola cable car "Krasnaya Polyana" (K-1).

For the convenience of guests with personal bicycles, the cabins of the K-1 cable car are equipped with brackets for transporting bicycles. Attach the bike to the cableway cableway with the front wheel up.

To climb with a mountain bike (MTB) on the cable car, you will need a bike pass. A bike pass gives you the right to ride throughout the day, without restrictions on the number of descents and ascents.

There are bike passes for 1 day, several days and seasonal, as well as valid for one ascent on the K-1 cable car. There is a bike pass + DH bike-a cable car ride to Polyana 960 and a mountain bike rental freeride vvuhpodves. As well as tickets for the ascent by cable car to Glade 960 with a bicycle + a walking ascent on all open cable cars of the resort without a bicycle.

The bike park is open daily in the summer season. The opening time of the bike park coincides with the start of the K-1 cable car; the last landing with a bicycle is at 18: 00 hours.

Variations of the bike passav, as well as the opening hours of the bike park, may change. We recommend that you check the information and rules of the bike park before visiting the "bike park" page of the official website of the Krasnaya Polyana resort:

Map-scheme of the summer resort Krasnaya Polyana

Bike park and summer hiking trails

Open the map of routes and lifts (summer) →

Where to stay in the Krasnaya Polyana resort

All possible accommodation facilities (hotels, apartments, chalets) in the Krasnaya Polyana resort are located in two places: on the lower level - "Polyana 540" and on the second level of the resort - "Polyana 960".

All accommodation facilities in Esto-Sadka, including at the Krasnaya Polyana resort (Polyana 540 and Polyana 960), can be viewed and booked here

How to get to the Krasnaya Polyana resort

The nearest airport to the resort of Krasnaya Polyana and, accordingly, to all the ski resorts of Esto-Sadok (Krasnaya Polyana) is located in the city of Sochi (Adler), 43 kilometers from Estosadka. Flights to Sochi (Adler) →

The fastest and most convenient way to get from Sochi airport to the resort of Krasnaya Polyana (Esto-Sadok) is by taxi. You can order a taxi / transfer in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, a driver will be waiting for you with a sign where your first and last name will be written. To order a taxi is enough to inform your flight details.

If you arrive by car, you can leave it near the lower station of the cable cars of the Krasnaya Polyana resort (Polyana 540). There are also parking spaces on the territory of Polyana 960 (parking is paid).

More information about how to get to all the ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana (Esto-Sadok), including the mountain resort of Krasnaya Polyana, can be found here →

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