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Bay of the Fables, Sestri Levante (Baia delle Favole): beaches, promenade, port

Fairy Tales Bay (Baia delle Favole) is one of two bays (the other being the Bay of Silence), located in the small resort town of Sestri Levante, on the Ligurian sea, Italian Riviera (Riviera di Levante).

Bay of the Fables is a Bay in the Western part of the coast of Sestri Levante, the rocky headland, connected by an isthmus with the mainland.

Bay "fairy Tales" is named after writer Hans Christian Andersen who lived in Sestri Levante.

The Gulf coast is characterized by the presence of a small port, sandy and pebbly beaches, along which runs a long promenade.

The port of Sestri Levante (the harbour)

A small tourist port, located in the southeastern part of the Bay of Fairytales, near the rocky coastline of the promontory of Sestri Levante.

From the centre of town leads to the harbour promenade, which runs along the port and is one of the most popular places for walking and recreation.

Near the port there are several restaurants and cafés, there is a Parking space.

From the port you can take boat trips to the resort towns of Santa Margherita Ligure and Rapallo, the national Park Cinque Terre or visit Portofino.

Harbour side offers spectacular views of the Bay of fairy Tales. Read more about the harbour of Sestri Levante...

The beaches of the Bay of fairy Tales

On the port side, among the rocky shores of the peninsula, there is a private beach, with equipped slopes into the sea and all the necessary infrastructure.

The beach has a so-called natural swimming pool which was carved out of the space in the rocks where the sea water flows.

The beach refers to the 4 star hotel Grand Hotel Dei Castelli is located in a historic building Villa Gualino which on the hill among extensive gardens. From the hotel to the beach and the port are down the Elevator. Link to the hotel booking

From the street Pilade Caroló (VIa Pilade Queirolo) and to the western border of Sestri Levante stretches a continuous strip of beaches.

On beaches dense sand of gray color, closer to the Western suburb of the city sand is replaced by a pebble, at first small, then larger.

The beaches of the Gulf are public, which also has private beach clubs, as well as on many other beaches of the Riviera, providing a full range of beach services: sun loungers and parasols, showers and toilets, changing cabins and cameras for storing small things, beach cafes bars, decking for ease of movement and litter bins, water activities and children's play areas, lifeguard and first aid points.

The cost of renting loungers and umbrellas from the sun varies depending on Bangui and the line on which the lounger is located (the closer to the sea, the more expensive). Sun lounger or chair from 4 Euro, umbrella from 5 Euro. Daily subscription from 20 - 25 Euro.

Embankment of the Gulf of fairy Tales

Along the Gulf (beaches and port), passes promenades, which is the second, after the historical centre, visited the place in Sestri Levante.

On the waterfront: places to stay, kiosks with food and drinks, restaurant, children's rides, small Park, sculptures and monuments.

Directly on the waterfront, in its Central part, a remarkable historical building - a Villa in the art Nouveau style.

Currently, within the walls of the Villa is a 4 star Suite Hotel Nettuno - the only one with direct access to the beach in this part of Sestri Levante. The hotel has a private part of the beach, pool, restaurant, lounge bar and elegant rooms and suites. Room rates include Breakfast. Link to the hotel booking

Behind the promenade, there is a cycle path and a driveway, from the opposite side of which buildings lined up in a row, on the first floors of which cafes, restaurants and shops are located. There are parking spaces.

Noteworthy is the Villa Brignole-Balbi (Villa Brignole-Balbi) - a historic aristocratic residence built in the 17th century.

Currently, within the walls of the Villa is a 4-star Grand Hotel Villa Balbi with the inner Italian garden, private beach area, outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, a restaurant and bar. Room rates include Breakfast. Link to the hotel booking

Next to the Villa Balbi, opposite the beach and near the historic center, within the walls of another historic building is a 3-star hotel Ristorante Hotel Mira with a terrace, a bar-restaurant and rooms decorated in a classic style. Room rates include Breakfast. Link to the hotel booking

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