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Atlantes in Saint Petersburg - portico of the New Hermitage (New Hermitage)

Atlanteans in St. Petersburg - the name of the attraction in the city center, which is a portico (porch) of the building of the New Hermitage, made in the form of an open gallery with giant statues of Atlanteans.

The portico with the Atlanteans is publicly accessible. The building itself is part of the State Hermitage Museum complex - the New Hermitage.

The New Hermitage is the first building in Russia created specifically to house the museum's art collections.

The building was erected by the decree of Emperor Nicholas I, who invited the German architect Leo von Klenze to build it.

The implementation of the Klenze project was entrusted to the architects V. P. Stasov and N. E. Efimov, who made significant changes to the plan of their Munich colleague, linking the building that fit into the existing architectural ensemble of the surrounding buildings.

The building was built in 1842-1851 in the style of historicism with austerity and monumentality of appearance.

Today the building is a monument of architecture of the 19th century.

The building is decorated with statues and bas-reliefs depicting famous artists, architects and sculptors of past eras. The facades of the building are also decorated with ornamental decor with antique, Renaissance and Baroque decorative motifs.

View of the New Hermitage and the Winter Bridge

The most attractive and outstanding part of the building of the New Hermitage is the porch (portico) in front of the main entrance.

The portico is decorated with 10 huge Atlantean figures.

The Atlanteans were carved in the workshop of the sculptor A. I. Terebenev from gray Serdobolsky granite and installed on pedestals made of rapakivi granite. With their large figures, the Atlanteans support the architrave.

The remaining elements of the portico are the pylons, frieze and columns of the balcony, which are made of Kirnovo marbled limestone.

Today, the "Atlanteans of the New Hermitage" are one of the symbols and attractions of St. Petersburg.

The grand opening of the building , the first art museum in Russia, took place on February 5, 1852.

Today, in the halls of the building, which have preserved their historical appearance, there are collections of the Hermitage: ancient art, painting, sculpture and decorative and applied art of Europe.

Practical information

The atlanteans of the New Hermitage are located on the main (southern) facade of the building, facing Millionnaya Street.

The building of the New Hermitage is located in the very center of St. Petersburg, near the Winter Palace, at the intersection of Shuvalovsky Prospekt, Millionnaya Street and the embankment of the Winter Canal, at35 Millionnaya Street.

Website of the State HermitageMuseum: hermitagemuseum.

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