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Блог о путешествиях life-globe.comAll kind time of day!

Our names are Yulia and Vladimir, and here we will be blogging about independent travel! But this blog will not end, we will also describe in detail the rest of our lives, passions and Hobbies! Why we decided not to limit it to stories about his travels?

Quite simply, we believe that every journey, something begins and something ends, and it all occurs far from the exit of the house to the airport, but much, much earlier. And this process is inextricably linked with everyday life.

Especially that in between travels, life goes on, she pushes for new ideas and achievements.

In addition, certain readers will be interested to know what kind of people write these posts and what their life is out of travel!

Let's get back to the beginning - the decision to start blogging or how it all began!

The idea of creating this project came about quite by accident. She came home after his travels in Europe, walking Friday evening in may on the streets of Krasnodar and once again discussing their adventure talked about a lot... But the main theme that really led us, or rather Vladimir, thinking of creating a blog became one as we are organizing your journey, one of the points of the stay which was to visit German beer festival Oktoberfest, break the entire Internet about this event and finding a sea of information, on arrival, to my surprise, found a bunch of nuances, in particular, about how was it possible to save a minimum of 45 Euros per day. What information the web was not a word. And this is only one example of similar situations during our travels was not enough, they came to food and accommodation, flights, and other nuances. So, we started our blog, whose main purpose was to tell people the truth, based on my own experience and committed "mistakes".

In addition to useful trip reports showing all the "passwords and appearances", on the site we will be happy to share their thoughts and observations, write a simple "notes traveler" with photographs, historical references, and just interesting stories about different cities and countries.

All this and much more you can learn "walking" through the pages of our blog!

About myself I can say, we are rotated on a travel adventure, a daily adventure on his "fifth point"=). We crave new experiences and emotions from each we spent the day wandering through the desert traveller longs to see in the distance an oasis. We are not just crave - we live it! For us to feel happy and to live comfortably, don't need a bigger apartment, a better salary, and a car more powerful, we all it already passed. Happiness and comfort for us - a new city and country, food and beverages, airports and railway stations!

Well, in between his trips, we try to help in the organization of independent travel, friends, acquaintances and even little-known people, because there is nothing more beautiful than to give others a chance to see this wonderful world, and, of course, to watch it themselves.