Memorial «8 November 1939» in Munich

The memorial "November 8, 1939" is a little - known but interesting landmark in Munich, with a historical emphasis.

The second name of the memorial - "Johann Georg Altera". The memorial was erected to commemorate the resistance fighters fighting against the Nazis.

Johann Georg Elser (4 January 1903 - 9 April 1945) was a German carpenter who planned and carried out an elaborate assassination attempt of Adolf Hitler and other senior Nazi leaders. 8 Nov 1939 in beer Burgerbraukeller (Bürgerbräukeller) in Munich. The attempt called "the bombing of the Bürgerbräukeller".

To prepare for the murder of Elser moved to Munich in the summer of 1939.

Elser constructed and planted the bomb near the platform in the beer hall "Burgerbraukeller" with which Hitler was to speak. However, this did not kill Hitler because he died earlier than expected, but it killed 8 people and wounded 62 people. Elser was arrested and was confined for more than five years until he was executed in the Dachau concentration camp, less than a month before the surrender of Nazi Germany.

The current monument is located near the former place, where he rented a room of Alter.

The monument was designed by the German artist Mrs. Wagner. Made of aluminum and glass and installed on the facade of the building in a circle, and thus that the elements of the label, "8 November 1939" the visual image explosion.

Every evening at 21:20 (exact time of the bombing) numbers and letters of the memorial are illuminated one after the other until you covered the whole thing. The indicators remain on for a minute, and then back off.

Memorial "8 November 1939" is located in the Museum district of Munich - Maxvorstadt, to the address: street Turkenstrasse, 68 (Türkenstraße).

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